Let's Talk Fresh Produce with Illinois Farm Families

A passion for produce started with my dad, Wayne, before he was even out of his teen years. It also introduced him to his wife (and our mom), Daryl, who became more than a seasonal worker. Today our whole family, including us four children, plays an integral part in cultivating success for Windy Acres Farms in Geneva, Illinois.

At our farm, you’ll find high-quality fruits and vegetables picked daily and sold within 24 hours. Our farm is teeming with:
Flowers and farm-harvested honey in the spring.
Juicy, sweet fruits and fresh vegetables in the summer.
Plump pumpkins, gourds and crisp apples in the fall.
Christmas trees in the winter.

That’s just to name a few. And all of our fresh, local produce is grown using a mix of conventional and organic methods. It’s an approach that’s worked for 35 years – using organic practices day in and day out while only applying chemicals as a very last line of protection for our plants and produce. Watch the video to see why we believe our farming methods are a safe choice for your table and ours.  

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