Life-long Learning From Home

It’s never too late to learn. If you love learning new things, this is the perfect time for you. We live in a time where what you knew and relied on 10 years ago, might be completely obsolete nowadays. Gone are the days when you were taught a trade which would form the blueprint of your future career for decades to come. It’s less a blueprint now, more an initial start. Technology is changing people’s lives, and globalisation is a fact that many companies will have to deal with. We have seen industries being disrupted completely and new types of industries starting from the ground up. Think of the gig-economy for example, the concept that people on zero-hour contracts can pick up work when they want and can has put pressure on traditional employer/employee relationships. This has had both positive and negative effects. 

Or think of the many services you can employ via brokers/platforms on the internet. Amidst all this uncertainty, only one thing is guaranteed: people need to learn continuously to stay relevant.

Now, some people hear this (or have even experienced this first hand) and will break out in sweat. For some, the idea of going back to the school benches is a horrifying idea. And why wouldn’t it be? Wasn’t it the idea that you paid your dues upfront so you would be able to have a comfortable life focusing on your trade and getting rewarded for that? No one told you there was going to be a catch? Kicking or screaming (or unless you win the lottery) you will have to face the facts. Lifelong learning is here, and it’s here to stay. There is a silver lining though, as the world is changing and bringing the need to learn continuously, so have the ways to learn changed as well.

The internet has forced us to keep learning and at the same time is providing the tools for it. If you are an intrepid explorer, you can even do so for free (bar the cost of your internet usage of course). There are plenty of resources that are widely available with raw information, tutorials, explanations and complete lecture presentations. If you have a keen critical mind (i.e. not everything you read might be true/up-to-date/of distinctive quality) and don’t mind the ambiguous nature of the internet, this is a great starting point. All you need is some free time and persistence. Start here.

If you require a more proven and safe standard of learning, consider one of the many online course platforms (such as Coursera for example). You can find a course on pretty much any topic you can think of. There is an assurance in knowing a course is designed, and the information is curated in a way to get you to a destination. Some of these courses will even provide you with a certificate on successful completion. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can even consider an online MBA program. Not only will you find well-designed courses in pretty much any industry you want, but you will also receive a distinctive accreditation that will work wonders in getting you that dream job. Until it’s time to learn again that is.

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