{lifestyle} Do's and Don'ts of New Year's Resolutions

Tis’ the season for resolutions!

Anything from the typical weight loss and smoking challenge, to mending broken relationships, reconnecting with long-lost passions, and finally finding the guts to  start a small business, the new year always helps to make people start anew.

However, with setting new challenges, many people fall off the wagon pretty quickly because their goals were unrealistic.  Putting too much stress and pressure on new goals without any fun and benchmark progress will definitely put a damper on one’s New Year’s resolution.

As everyone is out there setting new goals, here are some of my Do’s and Don’ts for New Year’s Resolutions!

Do: Resolve to quit smoking and ask your physician for help.

Don’t: Keep telling yourself, “But it’s only when I drink!”  Especially when you’re hitting up the bars more than 2 times a week.

Do: Upgrade your wardrobe.

Don’t: Go out and max out all your credit cards doing it. Space out your spending…and only spend what you can pay back!

Do: Plan to save more and spend less.

Don’t: Do it alone. Do some research, talk to your banker or financial advisor to see what would work best for your situation and family.

Do: Buy your first home. It’s still a buyer’s market afterall!

Don’t: Attempt to flip a house like on those TLC shows a few years back. There’s a reason why those shows are no longer on the air…because they’re all out of business!

Do: Plan to eat healthier and exercise more often.

Don’t: Go on extreme diets. Everyone knows they don’t won’t work in the long run!

Do: Plan to be in the moment more with your spouse and kids.

Don’t: Gathering in front of the TV while the kids and husband (or wife) are all checking their Facebook on their phones is NOT being in the moment. Ever just sit down to eat dinner and (GASP) talk?

What are your recommendations to a happy New Year’s resolution?

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