{lifestyle} Oprah's Life Class on OWN Network

Oprah’s Life Class is a new series of shows on her new television network, OWN. Each class dives into topics and lessons she has learned throughout her career, and penetrating deeper into the those questions and lessons.

After each show is a live webcast on her website, and also streaming on Facebook where you can chat straight from the page on Facebook and Twitter.

On Monday night, I was invited with along with the ladies of Chicagonista, Dr. Cathy Subber of Naperville Moms Network and author of Soul to Soul Parenting, Annie Burnside, to participate and tweet live about the happenings and discussions of the evening, where the topic was “The Power of False Ego” with guest, Eckhart Tolle.

The show is classic Oprah; witty, deep, honest, empowering and inspiring. In the midst of my mad-tweeting about the lessons, I learned a lot about ego and how it affects me today, and how it has affected me in the past. The biggest lesson I learned that evening was that, people will constantly give me their opinions, it is when I give it meaning is why it affects me negatively.

I predict that Life Class will continue to do well, as more and more people get the chance to interact with Oprah through this new medium of live streaming. The viewer really feels engaged. Even as I write this, I have Lesson 3: “You Become What You Believe” in the background, listening to the discussion.

Tune in to Oprah’s Life Class on OWN, weeknights 8/7c. Then, join Oprah for the live webcast, on Facebook 9/8c.

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