Making The Best Homemade Pizza: Essential Tools You Need

Are you tired of ordering take-outs from pizza chains? Want to make delicious pizza you can only find in pizzerias in Italy? Getting these tools will help.

The charred, smoky aroma of roasted cheese, oregano, and pepperoni can bring us to our knees. Yes, we love our pizza, but we often buy the super greasy and not that good ones from pizza chains because that’s the easy option. No, you don’t have to visit those expensive Italian restaurants to eat the best pizza.

Did you know that with a few ingredients and tools, you can make the most delicious pizza right at home? If you are into cooking and wish to eat mouthwatering pizza every day, go easy on your wallet (and health) and make your own pizza at home.

Making the perfect dough or the tastiest sauce is not easy. But, with a little practice, anyone can do it. If you have a good recipe and the right tools to help you along, making pizza at home becomes a lot easier. Here are a few essentials you must have before diving into the addictive world of homemade pizza.

Must-Have Pizza Essentials

Pizza Cutter

Anyone who has made pizza at home knows how important it is to own a pizza cutter. When your crust is charred and crispy, it takes a lot of effort to cut through it. Doing so with a regular knife is nearly impossible, especially when you can’t wait to get a bit of that cheese-oozing deliciousness.

The best way to cut a pizza is with a sharp pizza cutter. Make things easy for yourself and get the best pizza cutter you can. This makes enjoying the pizza so much easier.

Silicone Pizza Mat

Although pizza dough is not meant to be rolled out with a rolling pin, having a silicone baking mat helps a lot. If you want to stretch out your pizza dough to a certain size, silicone baking mats with size measurements can come in handy. They can help you determine and settle on the size you want for your pizza while you are stretching it out.

A silicone mat is something you would always need, especially if you are into baking. These are great for rolling out pastry or pie/quiche crusts.

Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is a crucial tool in baking anything. Not just for pizza, but if you want to follow a recipe to the dot and make something perfectly, you need this tool.

If you are thinking you have measuring cups and spoons, think again. No container can give you proper measurements. This becomes crucial when making pizza because if you mess up the ingredient quantity, your dough might come out wrong.

Kitchen scales are an amazing tool. You will end up using it every day, not just for pizza but for cooking, managing portions, etc. Most kitchen scales measure up to ten kgs, which is more than you would need anyway.

Dough Scraper

Pizza dough can be super sticky, especially when you start kneading it. It can stick to the counter, bowl, dough mat, etc. Having a scraper helps a lot. You can scrape out the dough from the bowl or any surface it sticks to. You can also use the scraper for after-cooking cleaning.

Dough scrapers are also used to cut dough. They come with measurements, so you can divide a large dough into equal sizes easily. It is a multipurpose, useful tool that is essential for every kitchen.

Pizza Peels

For noob pizza-makers, pizza peels are used to transfer your pizza into and out of the oven. It’s that thing that looks like a rigid hand fan and is often made of wood or metal.

The problem with a metal peel is that if the uncooked dough is left on it for long, it will stick to the metal. That’s why seasoned pizza chefs suggest applying flour to the surface of the peel before putting the dough on it.

The best thing you can do is buy two pizza peels - a wooden one for preparing the dough and putting it in and a metal one for taking it out. However, if you can only buy one, go for the metal one but remember to dust it with flour before use.

Pizza Board/Stone/Steel

A pizza board or stone or steel is what you cook the pizza on. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. The best thing you can use to cook your pizza is a pizza stone, especially a thick one, as it conducts and applies the heat evenly. However, they are heavy and inconvenient. Wooden boards are often used, but the wood burns and lets out toxins, which can be unhealthy and hazardous.

A metal pizza stone can also be quite heavy, but you can find some multipurpose variety that serves as a griddle on the other side. It is better to go with stone or metal for cooking the pizza.

Quality Mittens

It is a no-brainer that you need a pair of good quality, heat-proof mittens to remove the pizza from the oven. The pizza gets super hot, so be careful when handling the pizza stone. Make sure your hands are well-protected, and you handle the pizza carefully.

Miscellaneous Items

You would also need some extra items that you can usually find amongst your kitchen utensils. For example, you will need a ladle to transfer and spread the pizza sauce on the dough. Make sure you have a ladle around. You would also need a grater to grate your cheese. Having a food processor helps when you make the pizza sauce from scratch.

Luxury Helpers

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is not a kitchen necessity. However, it makes any sort of baking a lot easier. When making pizza dough, a stand mixer can come in really handy. The pizza dough needs to be mixed and kneaded for a long time if you do so by hand. You can mix the dough in the stand mixer in five minutes, which reduces some of the efforts. Hence, you are less tired and more patient when kneading and stretching.

Kettle Oven

Kettle ovens make the best pizzas at home. You get an adequate amount of heat, which is great for making pizza. It is not a necessity, but you will get delicious pizza every time.


Make delicious pizza every day with the help of these essentials tools. With enough practice, you can make the restaurant-quality pizza right at home.


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