Making Your Home Sleek And Modern in 2022


Creating the perfect home is always a fun challenge, and as spring approaches many of us take the opportunity to create a bright and open home.  

Whether you are using Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing to clean your patio, washing your windows to let in more light, or adding new design accents to the home - there are plenty of ways to vamp it up. Today we are going to talk about different ways to add a modern twist to your home in 2022.

A collage wall 

Who hasn’t tried to make a collage on the wall before? At some point in our lives most of us have tried to create a lovely collage on the walls of our home and it may have succeeded or failed. To make an amazing collage you will need 4-5 different sizes and shapes of frame, around 12-15 in total, and lots of your favorite artwork, photos and quotes. 

The best way to try out the layout of your wall is to cut pieces of paper the same size as each of the frames and then spend some time arranging these pieces of paper on the wall until you are happy with the layout. Then, take off the paper one by one and replace it with your art until you have a stunning gallery for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Furniture with legs

If you feel as if you could do with more space throughout your home, one brilliant method to make a room feel larger is to put everything on legs. This means that aside from your tables and chairs, you can buy a sofa with legs and a TV stand on legs too. This makes a room feel larger because when you walk through you can see the floor underneath the furniture instead of it being invisible. 

Natural light 

If you think that your home could do with more light, you need to make sure that your home is inviting the light into the space. For example for a more spacious home, think about getting rid of chunky curtains and instead, going for vertical blinds which can be opened during the day to let in as much light as possible. 


In the evenings, you will likely want to bring some light into the home through bulbs, and to make sure you avoid that weird yellow glow make sure you always choose cool white bulbs. Cool white acts like natural light so you will always be able to see clearly at night. Make sure to bring candles into your living room for cozy nights with a movie, and hang some fairy lights on the mantelpiece for an extra touch of magical during the evenings. 

Use texture 

When you are faced with using a neutral palette for your home you can get bored pretty quickly. But just because the color stays the same throughout a room doesn’t mean it has to look exactly the same. For example, if you wanted to decorate a room white and grey you could start with a grey wooden floor, paint the walls white, and then bring in marble tables and shelving for a different texture. Adding different textures of the same color into a room gives the design depth and makes it feel more organic. You can then finish off by adding in those splashes of color. 

Bring the outdoors in 

Plants are a huge feature of modern homes. If you really want to make your home pop and add extra texture to each room, a houseplant is ideal for you. For sunny parts of the house you can bring in cacti and Aloe Vera, and for shaded areas, you can have a peace lily or a snake plant. Bring as much greenery into your home as possible and it will feel much more lively and much more like a family home immediately. 

A cozy corner 

The living room is the ideal place to play around with this weekend and you can create something really amazing here. By pushing two sofas together along with lots of cushions and foot rests, you can make a cosy corner where you can lie down and watch your favorite TV and movies in the evenings. 

Paint the bookshelf 

If you have had the same bookshelf for a loong time, you have likely become blind to the color and the impact it can have on a room. For example if the colour is a deep wood, this can make your room feel smaller and more imposing for everyone inside. This is why painting the bookshelf white or a fresh pastel color can really lift the whole room and make a difference to the space.

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

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