Mastering the Cookout: 5 Awesome Grilling Tips

Are you throwing a cookout but want to serve up the best food anyone has eaten? If so you're in luck because we are here to provide you with some awesome grilling tips so you can wow at your next cookout. To see what our top tips are keep reading below.

1. Use a Charcoal Grill

One of the best-kept grilling secrets is to change the way you cook your meat by using a charcoal grill. Gas and propane may be the easy options to go to but they don't provide your meat with many flavors. When grilling on charcoal your food will have a nice smoky flavor that can only be achieved by cooking it over the coals.

2. Let Your Meat Get to Room Temperature

Most people will grab their meat right out of the fridge and throw it on an open flame. Even though this is less time consuming it really isn't how you should go about grilling meat.

To allow for more even cooking let your meat come to room temperature. This will be less of a shock to your food when it's placed on the grill and provide you with a better outcome.

3. Remember to Let Your Meat Rest

We get it, you just got your meat off of the grill and you're ready to cut in and enjoy. But all well-seasoned grillers know that letting the meat rest right off the girl is important.

The best rule of thumb is to let your meat rest at least 4 minutes right off the grill. This will help the true flavors to come out and juices to flow, leaving you with a juicy and tasty dinner.

4. Apply Sauce at the Right Time

Depending on what you're grilling sauce may be a staple to your dish. When it comes to saucing your cut of meat you should know when exactly to put the sauce on, and it's later than you may think.

When putting sauces on meat too early the grill will start to burn the sugars and leave you with a burnt crust on top of your food. To avoid this place your sauce on 10 minutes before taking it off of the grill. This will leave you with a nice sticky glaze that is perfectly done.

5. When Grilling Burgers Don't Press

When making burgers one of the most important tips is not to press down on each patty. This causes the juices to drip down into the grill and will leave you with a dry end result.

Only touch the burger when it's time to flip. This will help you have a juicy sandwich that is still full of flavor.

Now You Know Some of the Top Grilling Tips

We have provided you with the top grilling tips so you can have some amazing food to serve up at your next cookout. From letting your meat come to room temperature to not pressing on your burgers, your food will be the talk of the party. For more food tips and tricks be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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