Moving Into a New Property? Make This Your Best Move Ever

If you are ready to move into a new home and start fresh, you need to make sure that you are not going to regret your decision. Before you would sign any paperwork and exchange the keys, you will need to cover your bases, and find out as much as possible about your new area, home, the condition of the roads, and the traffic. If you haven’t yet visited the home on different days and at different times, it might be time to do so, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Below you will find an essential guide to make this your best move ever. 

Checking Out the Area
Thinking about getting an uptown apartment or moving into a new condo? The first thing you need to check is the quality of finish and the reputation of the company offering the property. Some real estate developers will try to save money on building and use second grade materials, which will not help you maintain the value of your new home. Further, you will have to check the infrastructure surrounding your new home. Are there any buses and tubes available late at night, or will you need to get a taxi when you have a party in the city? Are there any parking spaces when you finish work, and do you have to pay a daily rate?

Planning Your Route to Work
Next, you will have to ensure that you can get to your workplace in peak traffic and back on time. If the traffic around your home is extremely heavy in these periods, you might need to find an alternative way of transport. You don’t want to pay top price for real estate just to find out that you need to spend hours commuting to work, unless you learn to fly. If you will need to take public transport, you have to calculate the weekly and monthly costs before you sign the contract. 

Comparing Service Providers
Before you move in, you need to have an estimated budget for your living costs. Make sure that you can get the right services needed for you and your family. If the internet speed is slow, you will need to deal with unhappy kids. Use price comparison sites to find an idea of how much your electricity, heating, internet, satellite TV, and other services will cost you, so you can decide whether or not you can afford moving. 

Having Mortgage Documents Handy
Once you have decided on the move, you need to put in an offer and approach real estate agents. It is always handy to show your mortgage offer, so the sellers know you are not fooling around, and you are in the position to buy. If you have a mortgage promise for more than you offer for the property, ask your agent to keep the amount secret, so you can successfully negotiate the price. 

Getting the Keys

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Once you are happy to go ahead with buying the property, you can exchange the keys. Whenever you move into a new house, unless it is newly built, it is a good idea to change the locks. You don’t know who else has the key to the house apart from you, and you certainly don’t want nasty surprises straight after you move in. 

Registering Yourself
It is important that you let everyone know that you are living at the address. Get in touch with the local authority and complete the resident registration process. You will also have to let your bank and credit card companies know about your new address, and inform your insurance companies about your new address. If you fail to do this, you will not be able to claim on any of the policies, in case you have a car accident or a break in. Make sure that your official documents don’t end up in the wrong hands, and sign up for a postal redirection service. 

Exploring Facilities
You might be moving into a serviced apartment or a condo, to suit your busy lifestyle, and have on site facilities, such as a gym, secure parking, and laundry. If you don’t get the services with your purchase, however, you will have to check out where you can work out, eat cheap, and get your car serviced. This way, you can deal with emergencies easier, and get used to a new lifestyle faster. 

Once you have moved in, you can start thinking about making your new property more like you. Organize your space in a way that you have enough storage, but your home doesn’t look cluttered. Choose a color scheme that you can live with, and get in touch with an interior designer to help you decide on how to make the most out of your space. Get different quotes from decorators, and tailor the appearance of your new property to your taste, so you can feel home. 

Getting Remodeling Quotes
Once you have settled down, you can start thinking about how to make your home more valuable and functional. Check kitchen remodeling ideas, and get in touch with a professional to give you an idea of the cost and time it would take to transform your home. The other area of your new home you might want to focus on is the bathroom. Brainstorm ideas, so you can get the right colors, quality materials, and great flooring solutions, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath anytime you need one. 

Making sure that your house move goes smoothly, and you don’t end up regretting your choice, you need to check everything is as you imagined. Take care of your bills, budget, and check out the neighbourhood before you choose a real estate. Buy a house with its potential in mind, and work on tailoring it to your individual needs. Check that the infrastructure in the property and in the surrounding area is suitable for your busy lifestyle, so you can enjoy your new home without nasty surprises and get all the services you are already used to. 

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