Must Have Apps For All Cooks

Your creativity with food has no bounds, but you have yet to master the culinary arts, young chef. Maybe you need to up your game with new recipes or learn how to dice onions correctly. Whatever your skill level is, you have plenty of untapped potential at your fingertips.
If you’re working in a busy kitchen, you’ll need all the help you can get. Don’t worry; you have more computing technology at your hand than NASA did while landing on the moon. You can use your smartphone and have all the tools that will help you spice up your latest epicurean endeavor. But with the insane amount of cooking apps available on the web, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It also takes too much time to find the good ones, which is why this article will help you filter the most essential cooking apps.
Whether you need new recipes, instructions, measuring tools or cheap ingredients, these apps will have you covered. So, if you’re ready to make your life easier and whip up some gourmet-style meals, let’s get to it!

Escoffier’s Cook Companion
We live and learn every day, although we learn better with the right smartphone app. Escoffier’s Cook Companion is filled with useful tools like unit converters and a timer. For learning, you have a database of cooking-related terms and one for kitchen equipment as well. Through these, you’ll navigate better through cooking terminology, and learn about the various ways you can use every piece of equipment.

The famous James Beard Foundation recommends Locavore for all New York City-based chefs and others around the world. It uses your phone’s GPS system to show you the closest farmers’ markets.  Also, it will tell you which fruits and veggies are in season at the moment. Tap on them, and Locavore will suggest numerous recipes for using them in your next meal.

Kitchen Dial
If you have a feel for gambling games, you’ll have to check out this one because of its unique design. Its functionality is completely different, however. Kitchen Dial allows you to make correct measurements with cups and tablespoons serving as your measuring tools. You don’t have to calculate anything with a pen and pencil. Just check what amount the recipe calls for and let Kitchen Dial do the math. In addition, if you found yourself missing the feeling of a real gambling game, rizik casino anmeldelse has you covered.

One of the greatest challenges for all cooks is making a meal out of the ingredients you have in your kitchen. Handpick is the app that will make it easier. Its ingredient-pairing tab will help you figure out what you can make from what’s available in your fridge. You can also gather inspiration by seeing what millions of users have cooked, and share your own meals too.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
Everyone loves a bargain hunt and the feeling of making some money out of luck. The Allrecipes Dinner Spinner helps you make that happen. A unique feature will show you what foods are on sale and the cheapest recipes you can make each day. It will also suggest recipes when you enter specific grocery stores. Moreover, the app draws its recipes from the Allrecipes’ community of 50 million users. They also include photos, ratings, and reviews, giving the application a more social feel. It’s if you’re unsure about what you’re going to cook today. You can let lady luck choose your meal and help you spare some cash. Read a few gambling site reviews on and you’ll find a way to easily make more money.

World Chef
Maybe you have some spare time as you’re waiting for your meal to cook. You can wind down and expand your view of the culinary world with a fun game.
World Chef is an international cooking game where you can build and manage a restaurant. Give it a cool name, decorate according to your taste and serve your customers. The more popular it becomes, the bigger you can grow it. It’s free to download and play, so give it a try.
However, if you’re looking for games that will get your blood pumping more, you should check out It’s an exuberating site with plenty of exciting games that could even make you money!


It’s time to make some delicious meals happen with your newly found tools. You are now perfectly geared to make your shift or your time in the kitchen much better. With these apps, you’ll be able to learn faster and make better cooking decisions. So, make the most of them and remember to have some fun too while you’re at it!

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