Nootropics - Comparison Between Modafinil, Armodafinil, and Adrafinil

Nootropic is a general term used for a class of naturally-occurring or man-made chemicals that provide cognitive gains to the human brain. Nootropics are often called smart drugs. Due to its functional benefits, they are becoming a very famous method of enhancing the cognitive functioning of the brain. According to a report, about 25% of students in top universities in the UK have used popular Nootropics, Modafinil, at a point in time. Also, many professionals in the business world are pushing the boundaries with Nootropics. 

When it comes to taking Nootropics, caution must be taken. When you use different drugs that claim to be smart drugs, you should be careful when making a choice. Apart from smart drugs, there are other methods that people use to enhance their cognitive functioning, ranging from the mild caffeine to the extreme cocaine and everything in-between. With all the options available for brain enhancement, it is very important to view each nootropic on an individualism basis, so as to understand the import of the significant risks associated with each of them. To better understand the different types of medications that fall within the category of Nootropics, it is essential to look at some popular medications in the category of Nootropics.

Modafinil (Provigil), Armodafinil (Nuvigil), and Adrafinil

These Nootropics helps with cognitive enhancement, motivation, memory, focus, and clarity. Modafinil for one is developed to enhance dopamine release in the brain and bind to the dopamine receptors. The great thing about Modafinil is that it binds differently when compared to other addictive substances like amphetamines and cocaine. This is why Provigil is regarded as the safest smart drug because it has all the benefits of the other stimulants without exhibiting their side effects, such as withdrawal symptoms and addiction. Modafinil enhances problem-solving capabilities, focus, and wakefulness. It is not classified in the same category as Adderall and a conventional stimulant. Modafinil is a prescription drug, although many people order it without prescription from some online pharmacy.

A note of caution though, there are some people who have reactions to Modafinil. It is therefore important that you check with your physician before you use the smart drug. There is also Armodafinil which is a more purified version of Modafinil. Armodafinil has the same biological molecules as Provigil. It is almost identical to Modafinil but it has severe side effects, and it is rather expensive. Armodafinil is a prescription drug which means you will need to get your physician’s prescription before you can purchase it. In case you want a smart drug without a prescription, Adrafinil is an ideal choice. It is similar to Modafinil and can be purchased without a prescription. Regular usage is however not recommended because it can have an adverse effect on your liver.

Dosages of Modafinil, Adrafinil, and Armodafinil

Modafinil: The normal dosage of Modafinil is from 50mg to 200mg, and it is recommended to be taken first thing in the morning. People who use the drug for night work shift, however, will have to use the drug at night.

Adrafinil: The normal dosage for Adrafinil is 300mg that should be taken in the morning.

Armodafinil: The regular dosage of Armodafinil ranges from 100mg to 200mg, and it is recommended to be taken in the morning.


Nicotine is known to enhance mood, focus, and motivation. It is a very powerful Nootropic that should be taken carefully and cautiously. It is important to note that nicotine has its advantages, disadvantages, risks and recommended dosage. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and form of use of nicotine to reduce the side effects as much as possible. Tobacco and cigarette are not the best forms of nicotine. As a matter of fact, these two are very detrimental to your health. Nicotine has an express impact on the mitochondrial energy, and everything that enhances the mitochondrial functioning of the body system, it has the capacity to enhance the functioning of the brain. It should, therefore, be used in smaller doses. Dosage from cigarette or tobacco are much higher than the recommended dose you should take.


Amphetamine (Adderall) helps to enhance focus but it comes with serious side effects and risks. Amphetamine is usually recommended for ADHD sufferers. Many students also settle for this drug during examination preparations. If you really want to use a Nootropic to enhance your brain functioning, there are better options that are available in the market. The risks of consuming Amphetamine somehow overshadow its benefits.

Amphetamine boosts norepinephrine and dopamine release in the prefrontal cortex and decreases fatigue. You can, however, experience increased anxiety and jitter. It is important to mention that Amphetamine is highly addictive and it can cause anxiety and stress.


L-theanine helps to improve reaction time, calm alertness, and mental endurance. L-theanine is an important component of green and black tea, and on its own, it boosts alertness, arousal, and relaxation. Theanine functions perfectly well with caffeine, and when taken together, they enhance memory, mental endurance, and reaction time. L-theanine can be taken in form of tea, or you can get it in form of a capsule. The dosage for this medicament is 200mg, and it is recommended to be taken in the morning with a cup of coffee.

There are many other Nootropics that are available in the market, and as mentioned earlier, care must be taken when using and making the decision to buy nootropics online. In general, Nootropics function in the following ways:

Enhance the memory and ability to learn.
Have little or no side effects, and are almost non-toxic.
Enhance the effectiveness of neuronal firing management mechanisms.
Help the brain works under disruptive conditions.
Keep the brain from physical and chemical assaults.

It is important to mention that Nootropics should be used with caution. For most Nootropics, you need your physician’s prescription to be able to purchase them. When you are on a course of Nootropics, you should not stop using them without consulting your doctor.


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