Occasional Chairs Inspiration

An occasional chair is a type of accent chair designed for seldom use. As a result, they are functional and add style to any room. But since the chairs are not for everyday use, you must strategically place them around your space to ensure they don’t look out of place. Use these tips to get the most out of your occasional chairs and inspire a home remodel. 

Determine the function 

Occasional chairs are useful for three things: optional seating, placement feature, and creative decoration. Determining the function of your chair will help you match it with inspiring ideas. For example, if you want the chair simply for placement, you must pay attention to the location so that it adds a wow factor to your space. In contrast, if it is for decoration, prioritise colour, design, size, material, location, etc.    

Let your occasional chair determine the colour scheme 

If you want your chair to be the room's focus, we recommend you pick the main fabric first and design the rest of the room to match its colour and texture. Interestingly, your occasional chairs don’t need to match. In the end, it comes down to taste and preference. You can mix-match the chairs with normal chairs to create a bold contrast or use matching colours. 

Source: 1825 Interiors

Try a symmetrical layout 

Many homeowners prefer to tuck their occasional chair in a corner. Although it is okay to isolate your occasional chair, you can try something different. Move your furniture away from the walls to create a central seating spot. Then, place your occasional chair opposite your sofa. Add a coffee or square chest table beside the chair to give it length and create a symmetrical effect. 

Design a unique reading spot 

If you prefer a separate arrangement, create a spot for reading, relaxing, and working. Place your chair in a preferred part of the room with a small side table and lamp. Create a spot near the window to pause and enjoy the breathtaking outdoor view. 

Pair an occasional chair with a matching footstool 

Your occasional chair does not have to be a standalone piece. Buy a matching footstool on which you can put your feet to ensure comfort during use. 

Use an occasional chair to add a touch of home to your office 

Occasional chairs can transform a bland office into a stylish space. Even if it does not swivel, it will stand out, doubling as an office chair. You can even buy more than one to provide extra seating for guests. Pair it with a sofa or sectional seat. 

Balance size and space 

Always pay attention to the room size and available space when choosing occasional chairs. The area will appear off-balance if the space is too large or small. Also, experiment with different styles, colours, and designs to know your preference. 


Occasional chairs are perfect for making a big statement about the appearance of a room. Use these simple tips to revamp or complement your space. 

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