{parenting} Red Rover's First Parenting Round Table with Naperville, IL Moms

On November 28, 2011, Red Rover App, a new social networking site and mobile app geared towards busy moms, held it’s first ever Parenting Round Table event in Naperville, Illinois hosted by Black Finn American Saloon in beautiful Downtown Naperville, with Red Rover Chicago Community Manager and Chicagonista editor, MJ Tam and myself.

In the Red Rover website, it states that, “Redrover is a new service that lets you coordinate with friends to have more fun in your day.” Besides coordinating fun and meet-ups with friends, Red Rover also has features that show moms where nearby hospitals and clinics are located in case of emergencies; a feature that these group of moms were excited about.

The first Red Rover Parenting Round Table consisted of a panel of moms from different aspects in life, as well as in their children’s lives. There were eight different moms, from mother of five and Chicago news anchor, Dolly McCarthyto Naperville-area realtor, Dana Smith; TV personality Miss Lori; boutique owner, Ursula Schroeder; fashion show producer, Kristen Frederick, chiropractor and entrepreneur Dr. Cathy Subber; Trib Local Digital Editor; Nancy Munson and A Savings Wow founder, Maria Ramos.

This was definitely a diverse group of busy women who came to learn more about Red Rover and how it can enrich their lives as well as their children’s. A few of Red Rover’s features seemed to stand out at the round table. First, was the capability to gather local information from wherever you are in the country, from local coffee shops, bookstores, and playgrounds, to hospitals and clinics, in case of an emergency. This feature got the moms excited, especially at the thought of how much easier it can be when traveling with the kids in tow and having peace of mind.

Another fun and useful tool in the app is the ability for moms (and dads) to rate local eateries and retailers by giving “your two cents”, Red Rover’s version of a feedback feature. What stood out the most was that moms were able to rate whether or not the restrooms where clean; a very useful thing to know before dragging your kids in the place for a much needed restroom break!

After all the Red Rover discussions, MJ asked, “So, how do you moms do it all?” Dolly answered, “I don’t. And anyone who tells you they do it all, is not telling the truth!” All heads nodded in agreement.

Even in a room full of power moms, it was unanimous that even these moms could not do it all. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact, it made me more empowered to know that I am not alone in my quest to balance motherhood.

What is doing it all? Being wealthy, beautiful, having kids who are geniuses, a handsome husband, and a thriving career and social life? One can argue, that you can certainly try. One thing was clear, what these moms really wanted was to figure out how to live a life that was truly fulfilling and enriching, especially when talking about raising their children.

In the quest of balancing family life, work, love, and play, moms of today certainly need all the help they can get. Hopefully, Red Rover can help fulfill some of the needs that modern moms are looking for to achieve as full a life they can possibly have.

 Left to Right: MJ Tam, Maria Ramos, Dana Smith, Ursula Schroeder, Nancy Munson, Cathy Subber, Kristen Frederick, Johanna Cook. Not shown: Miss Lori.

Photo courtesy of Black Finn

Dana Smith and Maria Ramos

Dr. Cathy Subber and Nancy Munson

The moms enjoying some appetizers by Black Finn and engaged in their discussions.

Dolly McCarthy and Ursula Schroeder

Kristen Frederick and Dana Smith

The moms talking about how Red Rover can enhance their lives.

The moms playing with the Red Rover App on their smartphones.

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