Pests: Unwanted Guests!

Today, we'll be speaking about a wide range of unwanted house guests - namely pests. There are many varieties of pest, and while some can in truth be ignored, there are plenty out there that are truly harmful and in some cases deadly.

Pests can come about for many reasons, and some of them rely on the actions we take within the household, while some are more seasonal visitors. 

Sometimes, typical floor cleaners or special Berber carpet vacuums aren't even enough to keep the home free of pests. 

One of the biggest pest problems pretty much worldwide is granted to us by plagues of mice and rats. Mice don't have the same reputation as their rat siblings, but they can still spread the same diseases, they can still rummage through your house looking for food and they can still contaminate your kitchen as well as eating through your pipes and walls. A mice infestation is pretty noticeable as you'll see damage to food stuff, possibly a few holes and definitely some droppings. A mice and rat infestation needs to be dealt with by a professional, but there are plenty of preventative measures you can take. Firstly, ensuring that food is both disposed of and kept sealed will ensure that no tempting smells lure rodents in. A popular way of preventing rodents is to keep a cat or a dog, but this involves dealing with a certain type of cleanup...

Insects are also a major pest hazard. There is also a lot of them! Roaches, fleas, flies, moths and mosquitos along with many more can present a number of challenges to the running of the home, and the kitchen.  In many cases, an infestation can be physically distressing - especially in the case of larger insects like cockroaches. Roaches are tough, large, smelly and require professionals to deal with them - so just spot the problem and call in the teams who can deal with the issue. Keeping a clean home is one great way to prevent pests, but some - like mosquitos - can't be kept away. Investing in Mosquito Control would be the best course of action in this instance. Flies aren’t just a noisy bother - they can spread a bunch of diseases, but are thankfully one of the easiest pests to deal with thanks to the range of products that exist to deal with them. Wasps are a real cause of worry, especially because they burrow into the home to create nests. A sharp sting can be a pain, but a wasp attack due to defense of the nest has been known to result in death. Only an experienced hand should deal with a wasp nest as it can contain thousands of wasps. If a wasp nest is identified, keep people away from it - especially children! Moths are not as dangerous, but are extremely frustrating and will eat holes through a wardrobe. Keep the home clean, as in most cases that will keep a horde of insects away!

With any pest - prevent, identify and deal with the issue - pest problems are not known to grow smaller. It can only get worse!

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We recommend using an insecticide with a low toxicity and with friendly co-formulants but with a wide spectrum of use: