Purchasing Carp - What You Must Know

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Mirror carp for sale is something you may see advertised on the Internet if you are looking for fish to restock the area of water you own or manage. But, what are mirror carp? What distinguishes them from other species of carp and what are the advantages of choosing one species over another?

The mirror carp is closely related to the common carp, although to look at, there are two important differences. The mirror carp has reflective scales that are said to resemble, unsurprisingly, mirrors. The pattern of their scales is quite different too. Whereas the common carp has evenly spread, regular scales, those of the mirror type is more irregular and do not cover the entire skin of the fish. It’s believed that the mirror carp was purposely bred this way by monks with the intention of making it easier to prepare for cooking and eating. They also tend to have a rounder, fuller shape than their close relation, having been bred to grow larger in a shorter space of time as well as larger overall. 

If you are looking for carp for sale, you are more likely to find mirror carp for sale than the more obvious but less popular common variety. Clearly, part of the fun and competition for anglers is in catching the largest possible fish, and so this is why many buying carp for sale will specify the mirror over the common. Individual mirror carp are more easily recognized too, each having its own distinctive scale pattern.


What Information Can Be Found On Carp Sites?

Carp websites are on the increase, as this fishing sport rises in popularity across the country and more people buy Shinmaywa pond pumps and keep their own carp. These days, there are websites to give you information on almost anything you can imagine, and clearly, carp fishing and related interests are no exception. But, what information is out there?

Many websites are run by enthusiastic anglers and professional groups who love carp fishing and want to share their interest. These will often detail the largest catches and mention locations that are great for carp angling. Often, they will feature forums where you can chat with other anglers. If you are interested in the history of carp, then there are sites that will give you everything you need to know about this. Then there are practical sites that give hints and tips on the best bait to use and how to spot good places to catch these elusive fish. 

You will find that a good proportion of websites within any search you enter into your browser are dedicated to carp for sale. These sites are usually run by professional and registered fisheries that can provide good quality fish for sale if you are interested in restocking your own fishery, club lake, or river. 

There is often a wealth of information on websites like this about the carp, its various strains, its feeding habits, and even details on how the fish are reared to keep them healthy and growing to good weights.

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