Quick and Easy Ways to Kick Breakfast up a Notch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, it may be the most boring for some of us, too. Many people think of it as a quick meal to grab and eat on the run. The meal is more of a way to kick off a day than something to enjoy for many people. 

You don’t need to settle for this though. There are ways to make breakfast the most enjoyable meal of the day. Follow these simple swaps to kick breakfast up a notch. 

Up Your Coffee Game

The most essential part of breakfast for most of us is coffee. 

Coffee gives us the energy we need to be the best version of ourselves. Sure, it shouldn’t be the only part of your morning meal. However, taking your brew to the next level could mean change in how you start your morning. 

If you enjoy your coffee and it’s got quality roots, you’re more likely to feel the energy throughout the day. If it is good enough, you can get through the day without having to pick up a second cup. 

When you’ve got a coffee you enjoy drinking, your whole world changes. So how do you find the perfect bean? Check out some gourmet roasters or even do a tasting if possible. Find the brew that fits you the best. 

Columbian coffee has been a long-standing staple for those who crave caffeine. But there’s a new rising star in the coffee community: Hawaiian coffee. Hawaiian coffee, like the kind found at Makawao Roasters, is becoming known for its aromatic flavor profile. 

No matter what you choose, if you feel like you’re indulging when you sip, then you know your breakfast is off to a good start! 

Make Things Ahead of Time

Another thing to consider when looking at your breakfast needs is time. Check to see if a lack of time is what is taking you away from great breakfasts. 

So many of us have to go, go, go in the morning. That’s when ‘make-ahead’ goods can save us from a wasteland of bad breakfasts. So, what exactly is a “make-ahead”? 

Well just as its name claims, it is simply something you can make ahead of time. Some people think of make-ahead goods as an easy way to eat badly. This doesn’t have to be the case.  

Make-aheads can be anything from baked goods to protein-packed egg cups. Even frozen fruit that is packaged in advance and pre-sliced so you can simply dump it in your blender counts. 

With preplanned items like these, you can grab them, get your nutrients, and be out the door fast. 

Make Breakfast a Joy

Maybe you enjoy breakfast, but it’s the people around you who don’t. If so, consider reframing breakfast. If you’re big into breakfast food but your kids or partner aren’t, consider making breakfast feel like an indulgence. Make it feel like a treat even if it isn’t. 

You could start making breakfast foods and serving them at dinner time for a surprise. Or entice your partner with a fancy version of the breakfast to get them to enjoy the foods in a different way. If your family associates breakfast with the stress of running out the door, it’s easy to see why someone might not share your passion for waffles. Or bacon, or grits, or whatever is on your plate in the morning!

All in all, breakfast is important. It can set the tone for your day while giving you the nutrients you need. Make breakfast feel good with these simple changes. You’re sure to see big results with minimal effort. 

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