Reasons Why You Should Be Baking Your Own Bread

Bread has been a staple for many centuries since people learned to bake. And while the techniques of baking bread have evolved over the course of time, what remains true is that bread — like most types of food — are best made at home, not bought from elsewhere. 

And while it may sound daunting at first, baking your own bread isn’t as complicated as you might perceive it to be. What’s more is that there are several health benefits that come with the ability to control which flavors you want your bread to have. 

Homemade Bread is Healthier

Because you are able to pick out the ingredients for your bread, you are able to avoid GMOs and hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and unhealthy sweeteners. This is because you know the source of each and every ingredient of your bread. 

It’s Free House Fragrance

The aroma that arises from baking your own bread at home is a great way to make your home feel a lot more welcoming. Nothing beats the scent that you get by mixing water, flour, yeast, and salt — it’s basically free aromatherapy. And that’s only the beginning. There’s an otherworldly feeling that you get when you slather butter that melts upon contact.

It Costs Less than Store-bought Bread

This is usually the reason why you would really do anything yourself. However, with bread, not only do the ingredients cost less, but you also have the option to pick which ingredients you want to pour your budget into and which ingredients you want to spend less on. With store-bought bread, every ingredient is typically the cheapest of its kind so that the manufacturer is able to maximize profits.

Fresher Tastes Better

This is apparent for most types of food, and there are almost no store-bought breads that can truly compare to a freshly-baked loaf. What’s even better is when you slather that freshly-baked bread with butter that melts as if on cue. What’s more is that freshly-baked bread is softer than bread that’s been filled with preservatives. 

Homemade Bread Can Be Repurposed

If — for some inexplicable reason — your bread isn’t completely consumed, you can repurpose the leftovers into croutons, bread crumbs, stuffing, sandwiches, and even into bread pudding. Because you know exactly what your bread contains, you’re more likely to know what type of other food you can mix or pair the leftovers with. There’s very little wastage with making your own bread.

Homemade Bread is Truly Your Own

By this, I mean that you can go crazy with what you add to it. You can experiment with flavors, you can add herbs of your choosing, and you can even try different methods of baking it. You can also shape it in any shape you want to, whether it’s round, oval, braided, or — if you’ve got the skill to pull it off — even in the shape of your favorite animal. You can even go crazy with food coloring, if that’s what you fancy.

And lastly, baking bread is a skill that you can truly be proud of. Not only that, but it’s also therapeutic. The feeling of being able to create something is more than enough to boost your self-esteem. So go on, give it a try! 

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