Ridiculously Over-Priced Holiday Food That Cost You Pennies To Make At Home

High-end retailers may know something we don't know about the economy. 

Neiman Marcus trended online lately with their frozen Collard Greens side dish for 8-10 people that cost $81.50. EIGHTY ONE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!! I didn't even know that you can order frozen food from Neiman Marcus. And guess what?? Within days, the dish was sold out. 

A couple days after I came across this on Facebook, I saw $49.00 Chicken Pot Pies from Dean & Deluca for four. But wait, this one comes with the individual ramekins. This got me thinking. What other ridiculously over-priced holiday food that cost you pennies to make at home are out there?? Are people really buying this? I guess they are. 

It's both fascinating and funny to me. But I guess, if I was able to serve collard greens from Neiman Marcus for Christmas, that's a pretty bad-ass holiday feast! LOL! Enjoy my finds. 

Dean & Deluca - Chicken Pot Pies $49

Image from Dean & Deluca

Neiman Marcus - Baked Beans $80.00

Williams Sonoma - Pigs in a Blanket $39.95

Image from Williams Sonoma

Dean & Deluca - Caramel Apple Pie $40.00 

Image from Dean & Deluca

Would you buy any of these?  

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