Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Instantly Better

The kitchen is classed as the heart of the home for a number of reasons. As well as being a place that is used by all members of the household on a daily basis, it is a place that gets used in a variety of ways. You can cook in the kitchen, eat in the kitchen, drink in the kitchen, dance in the kitchen, relax in the kitchen and dine in the kitchen. However, if you have a kitchen that is looking a little bit drab and dull, what can you do to make it look better? Replacing a whole kitchen can be expensive, so here are some options that are a little more affordable.


  • Brighten tile grout: one simple thing that you can do to brighten any tile grout that could be on floor tiles or wall tiles is to regrout. This makes the grout look even, the same color, and makes the tiles look good as new. You can even get a tile grout pen to ‘color in’ the grout for a quick and easy fix.

  • Clean and repair your kitchen cabinet doors: if you haven’t had a deep clean of the kitchen for a while then now is the time. One of the things to remember is that the kitchen cabinet doors can get a lot of dirt, grease, and grime on them, so make sure that they get a good clean. If there are any issues with the kitchen cabinet doors, then get them repaired, whether it is doors that don’t close well or chips in the paint. It will make them look good as new.

  • Bring the outdoors inside: to brighten up the place and make it a much more welcoming space, make sure that you bring the outdoors inside of your kitchen. For example, fresh flowers on an island countertop can look great, especially if they are flowers that are appropriate for the right season. You could even look at a site like to grow a Bonsai tree in your kitchen, or look elsewhere and have some window planters for herbs. Bringing a little of nature indoors can make a big difference and help it to look great. 

  • Add in under cabinet lighting: if you don’t already have any lighting for underneath your top cabinets, then you are missing out. It is not only a practical thing that will make life easier in the kitchen, but it is easy to do and will help to bring the cabinets up-to-date with a modern touch. Not only that, but it can make the kitchen look a whole lot better and more expensive (plus, talk about mood lighting when needed).


Declutter your kitchen countertops: as seen in this article here, having a declutter of your countertops can make a big difference. Have you got a pile of old letters or appliances that you barely use out on the countertops? Declutter the kitchen and find somewhere else for them to go until they are needed. The kitchen will look instantly better.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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