Sleep Hacks All Couples Should Know

While sleeping with a loved one has many benefits, there are certainly times when it can be difficult. We all have individual preferences, and having someone else there can disturb your sleep. Luckily there are some different tricks you can try to help resolve the issue before you end up in separate beds. 

Want to learn more? Then keep on reading. We are going to be discussing some sleep hacks all couples should know.

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Blanket hogging

One of the main issues that many couples have is when one individual steals the blankets all night. To stop this from happening, there are a few different tricks to use. Firstly, you can buy your own set of blankets so that you can both stay warm. Secondly, you can look into getting a set of “cover clamps” that keeps your blanket in place by force.

Controlling snoring

Snoring can ruin a night’s sleep, and while your partner may not mean it, it can certainly be frustrating. Turning your loved one onto their side or elevating their head with another pillow may help, but there are also other snoring remedies and products you can use. You may also think about investing in some earplugs yourself to help drown out the sound.

Mattress Preferences

Some people like firm beds, others like something softer, and this can be challenging for couples. However, there is a great solution that is certainly worth the investment. Split beds, like this ghostbed split king bed accommodates separate sleep preferences so you are both as comfortable as possible. You get to sleep well without having to be apart!

Sleeping positions

Cuddling during the night with your significant other is great, but sometimes this can keep you awake. While there are many different couple sleeping positions, it can be wise to try being close without physically touching. This way, you won’t be disturbed and can stay asleep for more extended periods.

Music and sound

Some individuals love listening to music, white noise, or even the television when they go to sleep. This can then be extremely difficult for those that like complete silence. If earplugs don’t seem to work, another great product that your partner may be able to use is specially designed sleep headphones. The soft fabric makes them comfortable to wear, so they can listen to whatever they want, and you can sleep in sweet silence!

Lifestyle Habits

Do you and your partner like to watch TV before bed? Or eat a whole heap of dessert? Certain lifestyle habits can lead to the both of you having trouble sleeping at night. By practicing and sharing pre-sleep rituals together, you can relax, unwind and fall into a regular schedule. However, sometimes, you may even need to go to bed at different times, depending on your internal clock. It’s all about finding a routine that works for you.

And that’s it! These were some different sleep hacks that all couples should know. What do you think? Are there any others you want to share?

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

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