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GEM Food Mag is a new digital publication curated by Momma Cuisine.

Creating GEM Food Mag is my biggest project to date. I wanted to give my fans and followers fresh new recipes, exclusive interviews, never-before-seen videos, food and family travel articles and so much more, in a fully interactive digital magazine experience. I also wanted to make sure to commission the best art directors, editor and contributors I could find to help make the magazine well rounded, with different tastes, philosophies and cooking styles.

GEM stands for the three words Momma Cuisine is all about: GREAT EVERYDAY MEALS. Great Everyday Meals Magazine is about celebrating simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques, while empowering readers to get back in their kitchens. Our core values are to inspire creativity, to bring joy in the home, to engage readers with meaningful content, to encourage discovery in everyday life, and to promote togetherness with loved ones.

We want to invite you to download our Taste Bite Issue to get a sneak peek of what our magazine will be like and share it with your friends, family and readers. And for a limited time, we also want to invite you subscribe for a full year of issues FOR FREE!! It's a $19.95 value all for free only until November 22, 2013. So, make sure you subscribe now and share, share, share this offer. Besides, you don't want to miss our first issue with Top Chef and Momma's favorite, Fabio Viviani!

I really hope you enjoy the Taste Bite Issue and see all the hard work me and my team have put into giving you a fun and engaging digital magazine experience with GEM Food Mag.


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