The Best Brain Foods for Studying and Writing Dissertation

As a student who is always trying to understand new concepts, it’s important to boost your brain’s ability to retain information. Often, when food gets mentioned, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is physical health. Not many people know that the food you eat determines your brain’s functionality. Figuring out the foods that improve brain health ensures that you tap into your greatest potential.

Excelling in school requires you to work smart instead of overworking your body and mind without giving yourself a break. So, aside from eating right, you also need to delegate your assignments to professional academic writers when you feel overwhelmed so you get time to decompress. If you don’t have reliable academic writing services to turn to, consider checking out RankMyService for suitable recommendations. Keeping your health in top shape and accepting when you need help ensures you have a smooth learning experience. 

Every time you are tempted to overwork yourself, remember that to achieve your educational goals, you’ve got to be agile and healthy. Going easy on yourself, without necessarily falling into a laziness cycle allows you to climb the academic success ladder. You need to take the time to curate your diet for the benefit of your overall well being and achievement of academic excellence. 

In this article, you’ll discover some foods you should eat if you want to have more productive study sessions.

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Berries are rich in compounds that protect the intellectual abilities of your brain. Eating strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and other types of berries ensure you get anthocyanins that get into your brain and ensure you retain your intellectual abilities even as you age. The best thing about this food is that the compounds are in the flavor, so as long as you’re enjoying your berries, your brain gets the protection it needs to remain agile.

While you stock up on fresh berries, remember to learn more about online academic services so that when you have an overwhelming academic workload, you don’t overwork yourself just cause your brain is protected. After all, acknowledging you need assistance and engaging a professional who can help you clear out pending assignments is another way of protecting the brain.

How anthocyanins protect the brain is by increasing blood flow into your head which keeps your neural pathways active. What’s more, excellent oxygen supply in the brain prevents the occurrence of inflammation or any brain injuries that might compromise your intellectual capabilities. The more berries you eat, the better your memory gets, and the easier your learning experience will be. 

Aside from eating berries whole, you can blend them together with other fruits as you make smoothies for breakfast. If you’ve been hesitant to get a blender, this should motivate you to invest in one so that you can start enjoying flavorful and healthy breakfast. Taking a berries smoothie in the morning enables you to pay more attention during lectures and to have a longer attention span throughout the day. What’s more, if you choose it as your breakfast on an exam day, you can ensure you remember most, if not all, answers to the exam questions. 

Citrus Fruits 

Still of fruits, if you’re a fan of oranges, then you’ve been promoting your brain’s health even without knowing it. But now that you know the benefits you get from eating citrus fruits, you can be more proactive about oranges and other citrus fruit variants. These highly nutritious fruits give you access to minerals and vitamins your brain needs to enhance thinking capacity.

If you have always created time to study but still struggled to excel in your exams, you might want to start eating citrus fruits. The minerals and vitamins you ingest will help promote learning so you have an easy time comprehending new concepts. What’s more, the nutrients will also strengthen your nerve cells, making your brain less susceptible to damage. 

Dark chocolate 

Many people avoid eating chocolate even though they love how it tastes because they believe it will get them fat. But the high flavonoid content of chocolate is not related to weight gain at all. On the contrary, ingesting this cocoa by-product is a way of taking care of your brain health. 

The best thing about chocolate is that it works for people of all ages, but starting early gives you a better chance of achieving heightened academic excellence. The food improves your mental performance, allowing you to work well under pressure. This is a bonus for students in college because they’re always business with one assignment or another.

Taking dark chocolate at the end of a rigorous day reduces mental fatigue and helps your brain decompress and rejuvenate. This way, you can wake up the next day ready to face new challenges. Treating yourself to quality chocolate is an investment in your mental health that will come in handy even after you graduate.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the foods you can eat to improve your brain’s health, you can begin to consciously shop for foods that boost your academic performance. You will never look at food the same again, now that you know your diet reflects on your academic performance.

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