The Best Ways to Host a Party in the Colder Months

It’s easy to throw a fantastic party in the summer – sunshine and blue skies do a lot of the hard work by setting everyone at a default level of happy. Barbeques and pool parties are everywhere and people just seem more relaxed when they don’t have to bundle up. There’s a reason that seasonal affective disorder is more of an issue during colder times of the year; cloudy days and chilly nights make people less inclined to go outside and meet each other. This is why you need some fun ways to throw a brilliant party even when it’s freezing outside.

Food and Drink

The weather can have a surprisingly large effect on a person’s appetite. Hot, sunny days make you crave an icy drink and light, crisp food while colder times are better suited to thick soups and bigger helpings. Keep this in mind when serving your guests as the body uses more energy to keep warm and therefore might need more sustenance. Don’t be afraid to throw a mini-banquet with multiple offerings for people to choose from. If it isn’t all gone by the end of the night, enjoy the leftovers tomorrow.

Embrace the Chill

There’s something exciting about sitting in a hot-tub while it snows. Don’t be put off by the weather when inviting friends to your home – simply turn it into a feature. For extra fun, be sure to send out invitations that specify appropriate clothing (anything from bathing suits to woolly jumpers, depending on the activities you have in mind). Hold an outdoor movie night with plenty of blankets and cushions to keep everyone toasty. Get the cocoa and popcorn ready, as well as providing back-up gloves and scarves for ill-prepared guests. Some might not see the appeal in defying winter’s harshness, so be ready to move indoors again pretty quickly.

Stay Cozy

Part of the reason it is harder to throw a party when it’s cold outside is that people simply don’t want to make the journey in the bad weather. Entice your guests with promises of warmth and hot drinks. Set up a room in your house and fill it with comfortable places to sit. By inviting more people, you’ll be able to keep everyone warmer thanks to the shared body heat. Just make sure you visit to ensure that your home is a suitable temperature for your guests to enjoy.

Keep Them Busy

Nobody’s ever been to a disco and felt too cold. Why? Because dancing and keeping the blood pumping is one of the best ways to stay warm. Everyone’s seen those young women leaving the nightclub with bare legs and arms, looking completely fine in the blistering wind. That’s because they’ve danced themselves warm. Entertain your guests at the same time as keeping them cozy by turning up some great music and clearing space for them to dance. After adolescence, most people tend to expect dinner parties instead of dance parties, so surprise your friends by getting them on their feet.

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