The Essential Items You Need for Your Next Adventure

Planning out the details for your next outdoor adventure can determine whether it will be the experience of a lifetime or straight-up miserable.


While you should always leave room for the adventures to unfold naturally, there is a range of benefits that come with gathering up your essential items to go into the adventure feeling prepared, confident and excited.


It is important to also keep in mind though that often with the greatest adventures things don’t always go to plan. In fact, sometimes it can feel like everything goes wrong. But if you think ahead and organize the essential items that can pull you through nearly any circumstance, you will be sure to have a grand time no matter what!


To help you prepare for the unknown, we’ve created a list of all the essential items you should prepare in advance. That way you can spend less time worrying and more time exploring!


Here is everything you should consider before you get going on your next adventure.


Transportation That is Pre-Arranged

If you are planning to do an outdoor adventure at a National Park, it is important to pre-plan how you will be getting there. In some cases, you may need to fly to the nearest airport, hire an

Advantage Rent A Car and drive to your intended destination. Other times, it is close enough to drive your own car. And sometimes, regardless of your point of origin, you will have to park outside the actual park and take a public bus into the park itself to get exploring. So have your game plan figured out in advance so that you can get right to it and hit the ground running! Nothing is worse than wasting precious hours trying to sort out the bus schedule or get a last-minute rental car. And if you are planning to do a one-way hiking adventure, make sure you have it figured out in advance how you will be getting back to your starting point and notify the park rangers of your plan ahead of time.


Clothing to Pack

When you’re heading out on an adventure into the unknown, it is important to pack clothes for all scenarios. That means clothes that you can wear when a freak rainstorm or snowstorm passes through. Or clothes that keep you warm during a frosty night. An absolute must when it comes to packing clothes is to include Apparel that is Mother Nature Tested, Human Approved. That way, you can be confident that your clothes are functional and flexible for all sorts of body movements and weather conditions. In addition to a range of practical clothes, you should also consider packing compression socks with benefits. Often on adventures, we are pushing our bodies to do things that they are not used to having to do every day. This means that if it is a physically strenuous adventure, we could end up with aches and pains that need extra support. Compression socks take a bottom-up approach, whereby supporting our feed and blood circulation they are able to also help the rest of our body too.


Entertainment to Keep You Smiling and For the ‘Gram!

Adventures can be hard. That is why you should consider bringing some fun add-ons that can help you create those picture-perfect moments on your adventure. The trick is to pack something that can easily fit in your backpack, doesn’t take up too much space and isn’t super heavy. One idea if you are heading out on a winter outdoor adventure is to pack some inflatable winter snow tubes. That way when you reach the hill with a fresh coat of powdered snow, you can blow these tubes up and have fun zipping down the hill all day long. Plus, this will make for some great Instagram or TikTok content so you can show off your fun adventure to all your followers.


Lots and Lots of Food

Adventures through the great outdoors are rewarding, but no one said they’d be easy! When tackling an adventure through nature you want to make sure that you have packed lots of fuel to keep you going. This includes superfood snacks that are easy to pack and full of all the essential nutrients that you would need. Bring along items like antioxidant-filled cookie butter and super porridge made with plant protein. You will want to ensure you have lots of energy without caffeine too, so consider bringing some natural health supplements as well if your adventure is looking to be extra taxing. That way even when out in nature you can boost up your energy levels and conquer any trail you put your mind to.


 Pre-Planned Routes to Follow

Another essential item to bring on your next adventure is your smartphone so that you can always have a GPS on you and know where you are. One of the biggest dangers to consider on your next adventure is getting lost. So while we don’t encourage you to be on your phone during your big trek, we do advise that you find a trail ahead of time that is reviewed and rated for your experience level. That way if you ever feel like you are getting lost, you can reference the guide and know what to look out for on the path. Having your phone also allows rescue teams to easily track you if it comes down to it!


 A Weather Proof Bag

This one is super important because you need the perfect bag to pack all these essential items in and bring with you on your big adventure. When it comes to the right bag, it really is about balance. It needs to be big enough to carry all the must-have items to get you through the adventure. But it also needs to be compact enough so it can fit your body easily and be comfortable to hike in. And it also needs to be designed to be durable for a wide variety of weather scenarios, including heavy rain. Your bag should always be weatherproof so your essential items inside don’t get ruined!


A Journal

This is an essential item for any adventure, as recording your adventure is both therapeutic and offers a great moment to reflect back upon in later days. Set aside five minutes each day of your adventure to record moments both good and bad—it will be sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment later on! It is also a great place to record your moments of self-reflection or discovery. When we write that sort of growth down, our adventures become much more meaningful.


A Water Bottle and Water Filter

Every outdoor adventure needs a big water bottle and a water filter. That way, no matter how long the adventure is, you can be confident you will always be able to stay hydrated and drink clean water. Adventures are hard work and you should always have the means to reward it with some big, delicious gulps of hydrating water!


Preparing for an adventure is an important first step to take, no matter how seasoned you are. By packing essential items and having your adventure organized before you start, you will be able to soak in every second and be prepared for any sudden change that may come your way!







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