The Great Wealth Is Family N' Health

Getting healthier as a family is much easier than getting healthy alone. There are no two ways about it. That’s not all, though, because upping your health game as a family unit, you know, going through the strides like brothers in arms is also the best way to encourage your little ones to embrace these changes too. 

Diet, exercise, lifestyle; it all counts and it is all important, like mega-important, if not super-duper important. So embrace these changes together, tackle them together, unite as one, and morph into the health-kick Megazord your family deserves to be. 

And here’s how:

Chow Down As One

With busier lifestyles than ever before, the rise of gender equality and power of distractions, eating meals as a family has become more vital than ever. Not only is it one of the few times where families can actually sit down and converse, laugh and share stories, it has also been proved to have a positive impact on weight. Yup. So put the phones in a dish, rip the TV off the wall and embrace each other’s company. 

Make Everything A Family Affair

The more you do the everyday things as a family the tighter you will become as a unit, and this has been proved to aid mental health issues, as well as getting more exercise. This means walking the dog as a family, getting family dental care and helping each other through the root canals and screams. Wash the car together, mow the lawn together, do the garden, family bike rides, yoga, fishing; the more you do together the more fun you’ll have, and things like chores won’t seem like, well, chores. 

50 Shades Of Technology

Technology has tons of pros, don’t get us wrong. If nothing else, it offers a free education. But too much tech tends to be bad. It is bad for brains, eyes, waistlines and conversation skills. It is bad for mental health. Social media, as the writer WHH puts it, encourages kids to compare theirs behind the scenes footage with everyone else’s highlight reels, which causes depression. So reduce their screen time. Swap it out for something that will stimulate and motivate, like reading, exercising, board games, anything but mind-corroding screens.

The Family That Hobby’s

Why not? Why not be the family that hobbies? What could be more awesome than getting into a new hobby together? If there is one thing that your kid will love more than anything it is you taking a total interest in their passion and doing it together. What could be better for their self-esteem than that? Why not go round the family and ask each member what they want to get into - their hand at - and then all commit to it. Your kid may fancy getting into Warhammer, joining them. Your daughter may like the idea of mountain climbing, your partner may have watched Dirty Dancing for the first time and decided no one puts them in the corner. Embrace these desires and do it together, as one, and keep it up for as long as possible. Oh, what fun!

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