The Landscape Designer

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There are a collection of men and women who we used to call gardeners that will now seeth at the word.  They are not a gardener, they are the landscape designers.  

Gone are the days where it was simply our neighbours who had a view of our back yard jungle, thanks to Google Earth we now have our homes on show 24 hours a day, to anyone who fancies being nosy.  This has lead to a few awkward images, but more so, it means anyone can look up your address and see how you live.  What is the first thing they will see?  Your garden.

Garden design is now so important.  There are flower shows all over the earth which are more about the design elements than they are about the garden themselves.  So, what can you expect if you take the plunge and employ one?

Firstly, don’t call them a gardener.  Ever.  This is someone who doesn’t plant and nurture the seeds (although they are far more than capable) they are a creative with a vision to make your home look like a show home.  

Working with a landscape designer is exactly the same as working with an architect.  You sit down with them and show them your mood boards and tell them what you would like, then they create something completely different and twice as expensive.  However, what they have come up with is so stunning and way beyond your own vision, you fall in love with it and that becomes the new plan.  Suddenly you are working towards the perfect outdoor living space.

Before you know it you are watching a gang of pretty beefed up guys ripping up your lawn, you become completely relaxed by the tenth tree removal and you start to forget what grass looks like as you watch patio slab after patio slab being laid around your home.  

A landscape designer will see things that the average gardener cannot.  They will draw inspiration from the environment that surrounds you.  Of course this may mean an ultra modern reflection of country living or, it could be a beautiful country garden blending into a cityscape.  They have an eye for colour and style and even though their designs may look quite dramatic, they are almost always sympathetic to the landscape that surrounds them.  

There is a lot of trust involved, especially if you don’t have a creative eye, but if you find the right one and work together, the end result will be incredible.  Do lots of research and make sure you speak to other clients.  It pays to speak to the people who have written testimonials, you may also be able to go and see their gardens too.  

Take your outside space to the next level and create an area that you are proud for the world to see.  Because like it or not, they are all watching.  

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