Tips for Cooking with Fewer Carbs

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Many people these days need to eat fewer carbs whether because they have diabetes or simply because they are looking to lose a few pounds without feeling hungry all the time.

Whatever your reasons for consuming fewer carbs, here are some low carb cooking tips that you are sure to find useful:

Make a zucchini pizza crust

If pizza is your favorite dish, then you might think that lowering your carbs is impossible, but it really isn’t if you switch to a zucchini pizza crust. Much better for you, a zucchini pizza crust can be made with just salt, eggs, a small amount of flour, and zucchini, which means, not only is it lower in carbs but it is also packed with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals too.

Replace your rice

A really easy way to cut down on the carbs in your meals is to replace your regular rice with cauliflower rice instead. Much lower in carbs, and with more vitamins and minerals than regular rice, you’ll hardly know the difference, especially if you try out this cilantro lime cauliflower rice which is totally to die for. Don't want to replace rice completely? Use half regular and half cauliflower rice instead.

Swap grains for pseudo versions

If you love your grains like rice and porridge, but you are looking to consume far fewer carbs, a really easy swap is to move to pseudo-grains like quinoa and buckwheat which look and taste like grains, ads can be used in the same dishes as traditional grains like rice and oatmeal, but which are higher in protein and much lower in carbs. You’ll get much more fiber, which means you’ll feel fuller for longer, too.

Swap buns for lettuce

If you love your burgers, but you don’t want the verbs, then instead of using traditional bread bunds to contain your patties, try using romaine lettuce leaves or grilled portobello mushrooms instead. Not only will this significantly lower your carb intake, but it will also add a more interesting texture and flavor profile to your favorite burger recipes too. It might sound strange but give it sago and you are sure to be a convert.

Make vegetable chips

If you love to snack on potato chips, you can still get the same taste and crunch from vegetable chips made out of lower carb options like parsnip, carrot o beetroot. Simply slice root veggies thing, toss in a tablespoon of olive oil and some salt and pepper and bake at 400F until crispy (about 25 minutes). Serve with a homemade hummus dip and you won’t have to worry about added sugars in your dipping sauces either.

Base meals around protein and veg

If you want to eat fewer carbs, you should stop thinking of your meals as being all about the potatoes or past and focus on high-quality protein and veg first and foremost.

As you can see, cooking with fear carbs is not only doable, but also delicious, so what are you waiting for?

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