Tips For Tantalizing Your Family’s Palette With Home-Cooked Meals

In a poll undertaken by online grocers Peapod, more than three quarters of all respondents said they would rather eat a homemade meal than dine out. The comfort of home, the pleasure of enjoying the company of family and friends, and the idea of being able to enjoy a gourmet meal at home appeal, and with the help of healthy online recipes, it is all so much easier. If you have children who balk at the scent of broccoli or sigh at the sight of a grilled scallop, why not aim at widening the gamut of flavors by following a few key tips?

Getting The Kitchen Messy

One of the best ways for children to appreciate the different ingredients, textures and flavors that make up great food, is to take part in preparation. Rather than start with a roast or casserole dish (i.e. dishes which may be delicious but a little low in the ‘fun factor’), why not make something kids love, like pizza? Jamie Oliver has a wonderful pizza base recipe you need very few ingredients to make. Best of all, one batch can be divided into four pizzas, so you can make a double recipe and divide what you make into eight ‘balls’. Wrap these in clingfilm and aluminum foil and freeze, pulling out a few hours before you need to use them. For your pizza topping, make the sauce from scratch, and for the topping, provide kids with a host of their favorite ingredients - including mozzarella cheese, sliced zucchini, salami, roast peppers, mushrooms, and other colorful ingredients.

Trying Out Unexpected Dishes

It is easy to get into a rut when it comes to preparing meals, and while it is normal to have your tried-and-tested regulars, awakening the palette involves challenging it occasionally, or at least presenting it with new flavor combinations. If you're too busy to check out recipes and make recipes lists, food subscription boxes with all the ingredients and instructions for a complete recipe are the way to go. Boxes of all types are available, which will enable you to make dishes like burritos, quiches, stuffed eggplant and more.

Working On Design

If you love dining out, then you know that one of the key aspects of a great gourmet experience is the ambience. If you are planning a gourmet lunch or dinner with family, turn it into haute cuisine by decorating your dining space in a special way. Cheap yet cheerful ideas include the use of fairy lights on trees in the garden (if you will be dining al fresco), lit candles in various sizes, and music that suits a more sophisticated meal. Pull out the beautiful silverware, plates and tablecloths you normally use on a ‘special occasion’. After all, there is no time like right now to celebrate the beauty of family life.

To encourage your family to try out new dishes, get them involved in the process, encouraging them to decide what meal to cook and preparing your meal together. You can try out subscription boxes containing ingredients for specific recipes, or simply read up on recipes and source the ingredients you need at the grocery or online. Make it an evening to remember by adding the finishing touch that will mark your gourmet meal as something out of the ordinary, despite being cosy and familiar.

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