Tips For Throwing A Summer Party

The summer has finally arrived. You already know what that means it's time for! That's right, summer parties! There's nothing better than sitting in your backyard enjoying good food and company with your friends and family. However, setting up a summer party is easier said than done. Many people avoid summer parties because of the work required to host them. It doesn't have to be too much of a strain. With the tips below, you can host summer parties with ease.

Tips For Hosting A Summer Party: 

1. The Food Spread

Because you will likely be serving the food outdoors, you want to keep the food at a safe temperature. If you need to keep food cold, it's best to place the food on top of the ice. You can also freeze a tray before setting it outside. This can help to keep the food colder for longer. Ideally, you want to avoid setting any food up in direct sunlight. This can be difficult to do when you are hosting a party outdoors. If needed, you can set up an umbrella for shade. You don't want the sunlight causing the food to spoil quicker than you'd like. You can invest in mesh food tents to avoid the problem of flies.

2. Refreshing Drinks

You need to keep your guests fully hydrated. Everyone is going to be having a good time. However, being outdoors in the sun can dehydrate you quickly. Because of this, you want to set up a drink station. The drink station should include fresh water. You can spice things up by infusing the water with herbs and/or fruit. This can make the water more exciting and even more refreshing. If you are going to be serving alcohol, you'll want to keep them cold. Have the drinks be chilled in a bucket or cooler full of ice. You can serve fresh lemonade if that's your thing. 

3. Keep The Bugs At Bay

One of the main issues with hosting a party outside is the bugs. Bugs can become a major problem if you don't know how to repel them. With the summer heat, you will be dealing with a lot of pesky bugs that can be difficult to control. There are a couple of things you can do to minimize your bug problem. For one, you can host the party earlier in the day. That way, you can minimize your mosquito problem. Another thing you can do is buy some diffusers and get citrus or minty scents. You could opt to do it naturally by slicing some lemons and leaving them open on the table. You could also fill glasses of water and place 5 pennies in them. 

4. Have Sufficient Seating

A good rule of thumb is to have sufficient seating for all of your guests. Also, you need to locate the seating in a shaded area. No one is going to want to sit down if it forces them to be in direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight will drain the energy from your entire party. You want everyone to have a good time and be able to relax. The best way to do this is by ensuring everyone can sit down comfortably and converse with one another. If you will have kids at the party, try to put down a blanket so the kids can spend time with one another without taking up seats.

5. Cool Off Spot

Whenever you are hosting an outdoor party, you need to have a place where people can cool off. If you are strictly having an outdoor venue, you could get a tent. A tent is a good option where you can allow people to cool off. This can be made even better by adding a fan to the mix. If you are hosting the party outside of your house, consider allowing guests to step inside to get some air conditioning. 

6. Get The Timing Right

You need to plan your party so the timing is right. You want to try to find a day where the weather is going to be good. Ideally, you want to keep from scheduling it to go through mid-day when the temperature peaks. You also want to try to avoid the later portion of the evening when the mosquitos come out at full force.

7. Make It Fun

When you are planning your next summer party, you want to make things fun. Try to pick a theme that you can use for the party. You can choose a summer theme that encourages guests to have fun. There's a lot you can do with summer parties. It's a good time to choose unique and interesting decor. It's also a good time to encourage people to let loose and have some fun with fun single use party poppers. Be certain you have a lot of yard games going on throughout the party so everyone can get in on the fun.

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