Top 3 Reasons Your "Diet" Isn't Working from @Dancin_Grains

You’ve heard it all before: diets are miserable, diets don’t work. You’ve heard the term “lifestyle change” thrown around constantly, but don’t quite know where to start. How do you go from a diet that is simply not working for you to a true lifestyle change that’s permanent?

You need to get to the bottom of why your “diet” isn’t working! Hint: it goes beyond your hatred of that bland, tasteless diet food! Are you guilty of the top 3 reasons your “diet” isn’t working?

1. Cutting Off All Carbs

All carbs are not created equal. That means some carbs are actually GOOD carbs, and work in your favor. Cutting out ALL carbs is only helping you miss out on the nutritional and taste benefits of good carbs. Foods such as eggs, avocado and bread like Zapp’s Dancing Grains are the kinds of healthy food that are naturally delicious, and make eating well both flavorful and fun.


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