Top 5 Fun Party Themes To Try Out This Summer Season

Are you planning on hosting a party this summer, but aren’t sure how to make your event really stand out? Even if your guests know that you’re the sort of host to play fun music, offer a cranberry vodka drink with Absolut to everyone and keep the party going into the early hours of the morning, you might be tired of your old party routine. If you’re really looking to switch things up and host a party your guests will be talking about for months afterward, there are several unique and exciting party themes that you might want to consider.

Check out the top five theme ideas for your next big bash this summer season.

1. Head to the Local Beach or Throw a Pool Party

If the weather’s already heated up where you live, there’s no better option for a summertime party than a beach bash or a good old-fashioned pool party. If you’re fortunate enough to live near the beach, consider taking a short road trip down to the coast with your friends. If not, rent out the local pool, tell everyone to bring swimsuits and get ready for some wet and wild fun!

2. Throw an Old-Fashioned Backyard Barbecue

Do you have an outdoor grill? If so, you’ve got just about everything you need to throw a summertime classic: the beloved backyard barbecue. You can choose to make all the foods yourself or request that your guests bring a dish in a more potluck-style barbecue, but whatever you choose, make sure you have the following fundamental items on hand.

*Reusable utensils and plates

*Plaid or paisley tablecloths

*Mini sandwiches

*Chips and crackers

*Cookies and ice cream

*Hamburgers and hot dogs

*Ribs or other grilled meats

3. Indulge Your Guests’ Sweet Tooth With a Sweets-Focused Bash

Summertime is the perfect season for sweets, and if you happen to know that some or all of your guests have a serious sweet tooth, why not get together to indulge that guilty pleasure? You could set up a sweets bar with a variety of deliciously sugary treats for your guests to choose from. Some fun options everyone’s sure to love include:

*Ice cream



*Cake and whipped cream

*Key lime pie




*Frozen yogurt or sorbet

4. Host an Elegant Dinner Party in Your Own Backyard

If you’re tired of overly casual get-togethers and you’d like to experience something a little more upscale, try hosting your very own elegant dinner party right in the backyard! You don’t need to rent out a fancy venue to host a dinner party. Just gather the following key items, tell your guests to dress up and enjoy the evening.


*Twinkling lights

*Individual place settings

*Mosquito-repelling candles or nets

*Customized mason jars for each guest

*A classic menu complete with multiple courses

5. Hold a Camp-Inspired, S’mores-Centric Getaway

Are you or your guests nostalgic for the good old days when you would gather around the campfire, roast s’mores over an open fire and sing heartwarming camp songs together? The good news is, you don’t need to pitch a tent and keep everyone out all night to recreate that atmosphere! Instead, you can simply hold a camp-inspired getaway centered on s’mores and other yummy camp favorites, including hot dogs, chips and even beef jerky. Simply light up the fire pit in the backyard, grab some skewers and get roasting for an unforgettably nostalgic night!

Although the summer season provides the perfect opportunity to host a party for your friends and loved ones, you might be stuck in the same old party routine looking for a way to get out. If you want to try something totally new at your next bash, consider opting for one of these five fun themes!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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