Top 8 comfortable shoes for long walks with children

Shoes should be comfortable, practical and safe. In order to avoid slipping on a children's slide, twisting your foot on rough roads, and shaking sand out of your socks every five minutes.


Let's make a reservation right away - shoes should also be, this is an indispensable element of a woman's wardrobe. But walking with children in high heels is certainly difficult. Moms walk for more than one hour, sometimes over rough terrain. No shoes and no legs can do this. We show what to wear for a walk with children and feel as comfortable as possible.



Faithful companions for walks with children. Completely non-slip sole - even the chassis for air transport is made of such rubber. You can climb on your feet on a metal slide and not slide down.


Lightweight, not felt on the leg. Worn for years. Rubberized toe cap protects against dew. There are some very cheerful colors. Of the shortcomings - the tread on the sole becomes a trap for small stones. If it gets dusty, you can easily wipe it with a damp sponge.


Chelsea boots

This is one of the classic pairs that should be in every woman's wardrobe. Chelsea boots look cool with long floral dresses, any jeans and sweaters, casual and business trousers. As for outerwear, this pair is in harmony with puffy jackets, down jackets, oversized coats and cropped sheepskin coats. Perfect for walking with children around the city or children's events.


Sandals with a closed toe

For the summer, you can choose an open model. They practically do not slip, practically do not wear out and will look like new for three years. Their advantage is in easy cleaning. They will cope with any walk - they will not get wet in the rain, they will not let you freeze if it gets colder. You can run, climb uphill and play in the sand.


Of the shortcomings - felt on the leg. Each pair needs to be broken in and worn out. Then the leg will get used, and they will not want to be removed.



The most comfortable shoes. For walks with children, I advise you to take leather ones, not suede ones - suede quickly gathers dust. Leather is easier to wash and can be worn in the rain. Suitable for active walks. In sneakers it is convenient to run, jump, play ball, catch up and frolic with a child. There shouldn't be any drawbacks to well-chosen shoes.


Rubber boots

Shoes that not all of the women had before they got kids. It turns out that you will have to walk in the rain and immediately after it with the children. And also - go into all the puddles, grass and wet sand.


Wash quickly and easily. Of the shortcomings - heavy. Feet sweat in all rubber boots. But it's better to let them sweat than get wet through in a dirty slush.


Flat sandals

When it’s +25 and above outside, and it’s getting hot to walk in sneakers, it’s time to get your sandals out. Not many people can wear heels for a long time, so these sandals are the only option. Of the minuses of open shoes - sand gets into the sandals and sticks to the feet. Therefore, we climb into the sandbox carefully. When playing with the ball, you need to protect your fingers.



Ugg boots can be worn at temperatures from +24 degrees to -34. So, those who were sure that these were exclusively winter shoes were greatly mistaken. The Australian sheepskin inside is processed in such a way that the ugg boots inside become like a thermos. For many, this type of shoe is the most comfortable. Some people don't even take them off at home. Therefore, for walking with a child, this is a great option.


Trekking shoes

These are shoes with a low or medium upper, designed for hiking - hikes that do not require special physical training and special equipment. Despite the outward resemblance to their asphalt and trail counterparts, trekking shoes have many significant differences. Trekking shoes have a hard toe guard that protects your toes in case you stumble, and most models use a membrane to keep moisture out. This is the perfect shoe if you have a restless child or a capricious climate.


All in all, in any weather, it is undoubtedly comfortable for mothers to walk with their baby in warm and comfortable clothes. It is better to choose things from natural and hypoallergenic materials. In cold weather, be sure to wear a hat, gloves or mittens. For active walks and games on the street, warm sports products are perfect. Under a jacket or overalls, you can wear a tight jumper. Remember that not only shoes with heels will make you a super lady. You can always look stylish and at the same time not spend a lot of time and money on outfits. Put comfort first and then you will feel as confident as possible.

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