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When you make the decision to sell your home, there’s often a reason behind it. Perhaps you need more room, are fed up with your neighbors, need to relocate for work or personal reasons, or just fancy a change. Whatever your reason, when you seriously start looking, if your home is part of a chain, then you need to consider how you’re going to make it an attractive proposition for its prospective owners. This could take time, but with our top 8 useful hacks to sell your home, you may find it’s not that long at all.

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  1. Declutter

You can get everyone involved in doing this to help lighten your load and speed things up.  It’s also one of the first things you should do, and there are several reasons for this. The first is to start getting your home ready for viewings, so that you have a quick sale of your house, and the second is to get rid of anything you don’t want to pack and take with you to your new home. What you need to consider when you’re going through things and deciding whether you want to keep them is how long was it when you last used it? Can you live without it? How much sentimental value does it have? 

Usually, after you’ve considered your responses, you’ll know whether it’s worth keeping. One way of making sure people take this seriously is by giving them an extra box that they can fill up with stuff that’s not considered necessities, like clothing, books or shoes, for instance. Once it’s full, then they can’t take anything else that falls outside, being important for them to take.

  1. Deep Clean

After you’ve decluttered, next comes the deep cleaning. We’re talking from top to bottom - ceilings, walls, wiping skirting boards, behind the toilet, in kitchen cupboards, around the taps - we could go on and on! You should go into each room and critically look at how to clean every area. This is because when viewers come to check out your home, they’re going to be looking at every nook and cranny. If it’s cleaned properly, it’s only going to add to the list of positives.

Obviously, you want to ensure your home doesn’t smell of bleach because it can be overpowering. So when it comes to cleaning products, have a look for ones with nice smells, or even natural products in it. Although the first deep clean will take time, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while, if you find time to do this regularly whilst you’re looking for a buyer, it will not only get easier, but take less time too.

  1. Spot Clean

This isn’t as time-consuming as a deep clean, but it requires you to keep looking at your home with fresh eyes so that you clean parts of it that you may have forgotten or have become unexpectedly dirty. An example of this would be your plug sockets and light switches. These spots are often overlooked, yet are regularly used and accumulate dirt fairly quickly. A quick wipe can stop dirt from building on them, and keep them looking sparkling clean.

  1. Complete Minor Repairs

Whilst you may have tolerated and eventually ignored small repairs, like that loose floorboard or chipped skirting board in your hallway, a prospective buyer will be on the lookout for these things. They can soon add up if you’ve left decorating, or that window that doesn’t open properly. So, just as with the deep cleaning, have a look around each room and see what needs a quick tightening or new look of paint. Whilst we’re not saying do major renovations or redo the plumbing, think of it from a buyer’s point of view - would you buy a property that has dozens of things that require repairing or pick the property that has one or two things that need fixing when you move in?

  1. Pleasant Aromas

This is a common technique that has been shown to influence buyers, with winning smells being fresh coffee and baked bread. If these aren’t your type of smells, fresh flowers not only smell great, but look great as well. Candles can often compliment these smells, as can some air fresheners. 

We’d suggest avoiding cooking anything that has a strong odour, like frying food or something that’s particularly pungent because you don’t know how viewers would react to it. Not only this, having odours permeate the air, may put them off knowing smells have travelled beyond their kitchen. 

  1. Lighting

Another good technique is to create a relaxing environment with your lighting. Avoid bright lights that enhance glare, but instead opt for soft, cream lighting that creates a relaxing environment. If buyers feel relaxed as they’re walking through your home, they’ll remember it. Aim to have at least one light on in every room, whether it’s the main light or a lamp, when people are viewing your home. 

  1. Tidy Up

This is an obvious one, but it can be overlooked when you’re actually still living in a property that you’re trying to sell. But with this tip, we’d suggest hiding laundry, both dirty and ones that are drying. Fold away all your clothes, make every bed, have chairs puffed up, and don’t forget the cushions too! 

Don’t leave dirty dishes lying around, make sure everything’s washed up. A few dishes drying is fine, but don’t leave your draining board packed high with items. Make sure your sinks are clean, the bath is too, and your toilet is sparkling. 

  1. Finishing Touches

When you’ve done all the above, it’s time to go through each room and see if there’s anything else that needs doing, or tweaking. You want your home to look its best, and you’ve worked hard to get this far, so it would be a shame to be let down by not doing this final check. Involve the rest of your home in this because you never know what a fresh pair of eyes can see, which could make a huge difference to when your home is sold.

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These hacks are proven to help get homes sold and this is what you ultimately want because unless this happens, you’re unable to begin the next chapter of your life. But you want to get it right the first time, so have a look online to be inspired, and adapt what you see in your own home. Think about what attracted you to your new home - is there anything you could try to do to help speed up the sale of your current home? If you make it more appealing, people are going to take notice, and the more that view your home, the better chance you have of selling it.

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