Top tips on dressing up a newborn for a walk

The baby should be dressed at least one layer warmer than you – the golden rule of parents who  plan to go for a walk with the child even for a short time. A newborn usually sleeps in a stroller, so you need to make sure that he is as comfortable as possible and nothing bothers his sleep, and an excellent decision here is to buy ergopouch from Peekaboo.

Why is it recommended to walk even in cold weather?

Walking in cool weather is much better than being constantly at home with warm air from the hot batteries. If you properly prepare your child for a walk, it will be a good prevention of diseases, and will also help to normalize sleep and appetite. Moreover, contact with the street is important for the child's development: unusual sounds stimulate auditory activity, and new objects and faces help to develop vision.

The basic rules for choosing clothes for newborns for walking

Thinking about how to dress a newborn for a walk, young parents are often guided by their own sense of the weather. However, kids feel everything a little differently. In addition to the air temperature, it is necessary to take into account the wind and humidity, as well as pay attention to the condition of the child himself.

The main thing by which to choose an outfit for a walk is the principle of layering, and this is especially true in the cold season. Protected from frost is not a large amount of clothing, but the air between its layers. Be sure to take into account the thickness of the envelope of the stroller, which serves as an additional insulation. In the off-season, you can also use 2-3 layers of clothing, and the upper one should be easily removed and put on, depending on the feelings of the baby.

In the first weeks of the baby's life, it is better to give preference to natural materials. Cotton, linen and wool conduct air well, collect moisture and can be safely combined with each other when using several layers of clothing. It is also worth avoiding buttons on things contacting to the body, and it is desirable that the seams are facing outward.

     From +10 ⁰C to 0 ⁰C

Warm, but not hot. In such weather, it is important not to overcool the baby and not to overheat him. A simple combination of three layers will help to organize a comfortable temperature on a walk.

First of all, you need to put on a cotton slip - a hybrid of sliders and overalls - and a cap,then a knitted or velour jumpsuit. It is convenient if there are two zippers on the jumpsuit: it is easier to dress the baby or remove one of the layers of clothing if it gets warmer.

The last layer is a insulated envelope or jumpsuit with a insulation density of at least 200 g / sq. m. Data on the amount of insulation in grams can be viewed on the packaging of outerwear or in the product card.

     From 0 ⁰C to -10 ⁰C

Walking on the air with a slight minus strengthens the immune system and develops the nervous system. To prevent the child from freezing and sweating, we recommend wearing a three-layer set of denser things than for plus temperature.

First you need to put on a slip and a cap made of natural fabrics, it is better to choose cotton. Wool socks should be worn over the slip so that the material does not prick the skin, and then put the hat on over the cap.

Then, a good choice will be a demi-season jumpsuit made of jacket fabric. In this sequence, things will protect the baby from the wind and provide good heat exchange. The child should be put in an envelope, so that it warms the baby well.

     Below -10 ° C

To protect from frost at temperatures below -10 ° C, you need to add an additional layer of clothing to the previous combination.

The sequence is simple: a cotton slip and a cap, then a knitted or velour jumpsuit with a insulation density of 100 g / sq. m, an insulated cap and woolen booties.

Then you need to put on a demi-season jumpsuit made of jacket fabric, insulated with a holofiber or synthepon with a density of 200 g / sq. m. Then put the child in an envelope with the wool. You can also take a blanket for the comfort of the baby.


Newborns up to four weeks  it is better not to take them out for a walk at too low temperatures, as even an additional blanket will not be able to fully protect the baby from frost. For one month you can walk at temperatures up to -18 ° C, and if it is very cold outside, for children it will be enough home walks on the glazed balcony.

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