{Trib Local} Market Visit: Angelo Caputo's Fresh Market

I love going to markets like a fashionista loves Oak Street, and quite the grocery store connoissuer. Every week, sometimes even twice a week, I take a trip to the market that takes at minimum two and half hours.

I have spent my entire adult life around food, working in restaurants. As a mother of three and having my first child at the young age of twenty, I have simultaneously spent my free time shopping for groceries. Luckily, it is something I truly enjoy!

Chicago is abundant with neighborhood markets as well as bigger, yet locally-owned chains, like Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market in North Plainfield, which specializes in Italian and European foods. Caputo’s has six locations throughout the Chicagoland suburbs, and their Naperville-Plainfield location, as they call it in their website, is one of their newer locations.

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The flower shop at Caputo’s Naperville-Plainfield

The entire isle is dedicated to any and all types of olive oil!

The Meat & Seafood Department has a vast array of house made sausages, steaks, chops and more, as well as a diverse seafood selection.

The Bakery Department is ALWAYS a must-visit for me! :)


After you grab your desserts, head over to Caputo’s coffee bar located centrally in the market.

The view upon entry. You can just feel how large this market right when you walk in.

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