{Trib Local} Market Visit: Lemon Tree Grocer (pics)

Lemon Tree Grocer is located on 935 West Burlington Avenue in Downtown Downers Grove and opened it’s doors in August 2010.

I first heard about Lemon Tree through Twitter last year. As someone who sincerely enjoys perusing through markets, I was interested in finding out more about this market and their full-service restaurant, Zest Bistro.

Chicago has it’s share of specialty markets. And even better is that the Chicago suburbs also have it’s piece of the pie when it comes to high-end, specialized markets. Food-loving entrepreneurs, in the city and suburbs alike, have seen the need for markets that are smaller, yet abundant with premium and artisinal selections; high-end in atmosphere, yet still affordable for food-minded customers. Lemon Tree Grocer is one of these markets.


Signage at the storefront

The clock at the Metra Train Station on Burlington Avenue.

The neighborhood and condos where Lemon Tree Grocer is located.

The fresh produce and vegetable section of the market.

Organic apples are abundant here!

The wine is selection is vast…

The deli counter…

Gorgeous mural in the wine section.

Sweet Ali’s Baked Goods from Hinsdale, Illinois.

On looking to Zest Bistro from the market.

The bistro is small, yet hip, family friendly and has a great menu. The patio is open when whether permits.

The streets of Downtown Downers Grover, Illinois.

The cute shops that dot the downtown area.

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