{Trib Local} Market Visit: Mitsuwa Marketplace (pics)

Gourmet cooks and wanna-be's alike, should never be intimated of the Asian market. The thought of walking in a place where people speak little English is one of the biggest worries. Other's complain of seeing "weird" ingredients. What's weird in my book are those who stock their pantries with boxes and cans of "food".

Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights is a Japanese market located on 100 E. Algonquin Road. It's a chain of 9 stores with most locations in California, to Chicago and New Jersey and established in 1988. This is the only of it's kind in Chicagoland.




 Japanese Style architecture at Mitsuwa Marketplace

 Upon entering the marketplace...

 The mochi stall - Japanese sweet rice treats.

 Traditional Japanese dinnerware.

 Beautiful ceramics.

 At the food court where each stall proudly displays their menus.

 Families huddling to make a decision about what's for lunch!

 We decided on a simple plate of Roast Duck and White Rice.

 Tokyo Negi - really large scallions!!

 Even the packaging for the mushrooms are cute!

 So much miso paste than I know what to do with...

 European-style pastries displayed in the bakery.

 Not to be outdone...Hello Kitty custard filled pastries. :)

 Cutlet (Katsu) Sandwiches. 

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