Unique Eco-Friendly Wooden Furniture For Everyday Living

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Tired of Basic Furniture? Stand Out or Sit Down with GloDea®!

Don’t Be Basic

Have you ever been over to a neighbor or friend’s house and say, “Wow!!, I have that same coffee table!”?

These days, when most individuals go furniture shopping, they tend to shop at globally known, big box retail stores. It is understandable since these giant brand name furniture stores are conveniently on every corner. However, it’s all the “same ole, same ole’” type of furniture, and everyone seems to jump on the same “trendy bandwagon.” So how can homogeneity even possibly be considered “trendy?” Especially when everyone seems to copycat the same clichéd design style. 

Style trends are becoming more universal, and this is due to mass advertisements that are constantly being pushed in your face, especially on social media platforms. You probably do not even realize it either, but you are in a sense being brainwashed into this “original” type of style, when the truth is, you now have that same “coffee table” as your friend or your neighbor.  

If you are looking for authenticity, you will NOT find it at these global giant brand name stores, that are almost everywhere physically and virtually. They are designed to mass produce on a large scale, from production to marketing. Not to mention some of these “well known,” furniture stores outsource their production to different countries, countries known to use cheap labor. 

Be Unique

Buying furniture is a kind of a big deal, regardless if you are moving into a new place, or have been living in the same spot for quite some time. Furniture is essentially an investment that you need to take time with when picking out what suits your needs and style. Furniture is not something like clothing that you can just get rid of at the end of each season, not unless you’re some sort celebrity or a uber-wealthy person, with tons of money to spend. If you’re like most Americans, you do not have millions of dollars to spend on furniture, so you are in a way limited to what you can purchase. You also do not want to go for “cheap-furniture” that will break or not last very long, but at the same time you also do not want to spend an “arm and a leg.” That’s why when your purchasing furniture, think of it as an investment.

If you are looking for real authentic furnishings, that is reasonably priced, a company called GloDea® offers a unique array of wooden furniture designs, from their very own XQuare Furniture Collection. Each piece of wooden furniture is made to order, with durability, sturdiness, safety, and great quality in mind. The design is simple, casual, yet elegant. You have different styles, colors, and size options to choose from, that will meet your own ideas and needs. The XQuare Furniture Collection includes: Chairs, Coffee Tables, Ottomans, Benches, Sideboards, End tables, and Stools. The GloDea® XQuare Wooden Furniture Collection is designed and produced in the United States, with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, which allows for international shipping (for those of you outside of America).

Be Environmentally Friendly

The GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection is 100% eco-friendly from start to finish. Each piece of furniture is hand crafted from eco-friendly, farm grown wood, then stained using an eco-friendly high-quality, water-based stain finish that is air-dried, and finally packed and shipped in recycled boxes. The different pieces of furniture come partially assembled with instructions, and the tools that allow for easy assembly.  The GloDea® XQuare Furniture collection is environmentally cautious and supports keeping the ecosystem as clean and safe as possible, GloDea® XQuare Furniture does not contain any harmful material, such as formaldehyde or fire retardants.  

Be Creative

The GloDea® XQuare Wooden Furniture Collection comes in a variety of color options to choose from, so that you can match your own personal taste, or just for matching your already existing home décor. The high-quality stain finish used, is weather and UV resistant, meaning it protects the furniture from rain, humidity, and the sun. This allows you to decorate indoor as well as outdoor. The XQuare Wooden Furniture is designed to be safe, sturdy, durable, and is built to last, even in harsh environments.

XQuare Furniture offers over 20 different color options to choose from, so you can go bright, and “stand out” with their unique colors like the Purple Berry, Buffalo Wing, Stormy Skies, Turquoise Tint or Gypsy Teal. You can also go natural with colors like The Espresso Brown, Clear Finish, Bride’s Veil, Honey, Wild Black, Light Brown, or Light Gray.

GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection even allows for you, yourself to get creative. You have the option to customize your own furniture by using multiple colors, so that you can match your favorite sport-teams, school colors, or to just accent the colors of your walls, rugs, drapery or any other type of art located in your house.

Be Versatile

Versatile Furniture can be very handy and resourceful for multipurpose uses. For example, if you host house parties often, where you need to store items away, or must move furniture to accommodate your guests, XQuare has versatile furniture to meet those needs.  If you practice the art of Feng Shui, and you need to rearrange furniture, or other house hold items, (to balance the energy/harmony in your house), then the XQuare Furniture Collection is a practical, and convenient choice for you. The XQuare Furniture Collection is a quality design furniture, made of smooth wood (so no sharp edges for safety), comes in different styles and size options, is easy to clean, helps save space, and can be used to decorate inside or outside of the home.  
Each piece of furniture was hand made when originally designed with different decorating perspectives in mind.

The ChairX36 and ChairX45 are well built, can fold easily for storage, and looks great either indoor or outdoor. As soon as you sit in them you will sink right into comfort.

The OttomanX45 are great for storage in closets, they can be used for seating, can be used pool side for towel storage, used as footstools, used as a night stands, used at the foot of your bed, or can even be used as a coffee table.

The End TableX36 and End TableX45 are perfect accents to any area of your house. They can be used as nightstands or a table next to your sofa in your living room. They are portable, small enough to fit anywhere you need extra storage, and adds a bit of style to any part of your indoor or outdoor décor. The StoolX30 is very similar, but smaller in size. It may be small, but it is very sturdy, and can be used anywhere from the garden to the guest room. 

The SideboardX60, SideboardX70, and the SideboardX90 are upscale, modern and flexible pieces of furniture. The differences from the X60, X70, and X90 are due to the various sizes and widths and have been known to be used everywhere from entryways, cabana’s, living rooms, and kitchens. They are used for propping your television on, setting your keys and purses on when you enter your home, they are used for displaying art, used for lamps, or even as a buffet for when serving a buffet of food. No matter what you use these Sideboards for, they even have an area where you can store things such as wine bottles or magazines.

The Coffee Table X36, Coffee Table X45, and the Coffee Table X90, come in different sizes and widths, and is built with a solid top, that makes it perfect for drinks and snacks to rest on. These Coffee Tables are not only stylish and modern, but the contemporary design also allows for storage that can hold everything from your favorite reading material to even your remotes. 

The French BenchX60, BenchX60, BenchX70, BenchX90 all come in different sizes and styles. The French BenchX90 has a contemporary, stylish touch and looks good out in the garden or anywhere else in your house. The BenchX60, BenchX70, BenchX90 are different in the size and style. The Bench X70 has a flat center, while the Bench X60 and 90 have groves all the way across. The Benches are backless in design, can sit several people, and the triangular legs provide perfect stability. These are probably the most popular items designed by The GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection, especially when it comes to personally customizing with your own choice of color options. These benches look great indoors and especially outdoors. These benches are the perfect spot for reading, relaxing, or watching the kids and ensures you will have great looking seating for years to come. 

Stand Out of Sit Down with GloDea® XQuare

The GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection is the perfect, versatile wooden furniture to meet any of your needs. They are unique in design and are hand made to order. The GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection is 100% eco-friendly, designed and manufactured in America, sold at a price that will meet your budget and is delivered right to your front door. The XQuare furniture is built to last a long time and will endure all the harsh environments that mother nature throws at you. If you are looking for quality, durability, sturdiness, safety, comfort, size and color options, then you should Stand Out or Sit Down with the GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection.

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Apr 6, 2018 at 15:08:33
We are looking forward to having friends and family over this summer to show off our new SideboardX90! It's exactly the piece we needed to complete our outdoor space. It was extremely easy to put together and looks great!