Updating Your Bathroom? Unique Vanities Has Great Solutions!

Vanities are often the focal point of bathrooms, so upgrading them adds style. A new vanity can also increase storage and create a more organized space. It's a chance to increase the counter area and make a bathroom more user-friendly for those who share the space. You also get an opportunity to improve bathroom lighting. 

The key to a successful project is creating a budget and choosing a style that suits each bathroom. It is also essential to pre-plan the installation so the layout meets your needs.

Before Vanity Shopping 

As with all projects, the key to success is in planning. For example, you need to think about the room's layout and consider space and how doors will impact traffic flow. Consider the size of the vanity when choosing placement, keeping in mind the home's plumbing. Projects are simpler when plumbing can stay in place. 

Decide on an aesthetically appealing style and the desired storage and counter space. Manufacturers offer dozens of options in materials and sizes to meet every need. Shoppers reviewing options at Unique Vanities will find a vast range of modern and traditional options at prices to suit any budget. 

Upgrading the Master Bathroom Vanity

A master bath is often the hub of a home, and most need to include a double-sink vanity. Design professionals at HGTV advise that the master bath vanity should be highly functional and provide ample counter space.  

Homeowners who are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom can select from an array of vanities. When the length and width are no object, shoppers are free to choose from larger models in a range of styles. Some can even accommodate long, elegant 72" vanities. However, those with smaller baths can still create a spacious look with a floating vanity. 

Choosing a Powder Room Vanity

Powder rooms tend to be some of the smallest rooms in a house, so only space-saving vanities fit. However, that doesn't mean sacrificing style. Powder rooms do not have showers or baths, so space for personal goods or linens is not needed. Minimal storage works well. 

Homeowners can choose vanities that match their home's decorating theme or create unique spaces that make a statement. While Unique Vanities offers styles to fit even the most eclectic tastes, you can also create a special look by giving new life to an older vanity. Experts at This Old House suggest repurposing a vintage piece of furniture as a vanity to provide the room with character.

Give the Guest Bath a New Vanity 

If your home has a hall or guest bathroom, it's a good idea to choose a new vanity with the counter space to hold personal items. Decorators suggest a 60" vanity with two sinks if the room is big enough. When teens and guests will be using the bathroom, ensure it has enough storage for things like hair dryers and cosmetics. 

Vanity Lighting Makes all the Difference 

A new vanity typically also means new lighting, which provides an opportunity to create a brighter, more appealing room. Lighting is generally installed over a vanity, but think about using sconces on either side instead. The option provides plenty of light for shaving and applying makeup and adds a touch of flair. 

Upgrading your home's bathroom vanities is a great way to add beauty and function. Unique Vanities offers a wide range of vanities that are ideal for all bathrooms. To get the best results, plan bathroom layouts before choosing vanities and select appropriate styles for each space. 

Photo by Nataly Q. from Pexels

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