Use Wooden Benches To Add Simple and Unique Design Element In Your Home

The GloDea® XQuare Wooden Furniture Collection

GloDea® is a design company that "has innovation deeply branded in their core." Their XQuare Wood Furniture Collection is made in the USA, with the goal of "providing unique designs to those who seek something new and exciting." Each piece from the XQuare Furniture Collection is produced in Jacksonville, Florida using 100% eco-friendly, American wood, stainless steel hardware, and packaged in 100% recyclable boxes. Each unique XQuare Furniture item is handmade to order, and ships directly to your home in 3-5 business days.  

The XQuare Wooden Furniture Collection includes a variety of handcrafted furniture choices that consist of a mixture of different styles, sizes, and color options to meet your home décor needs. The full line of the Glodea® XQuare Furniture Collection includes: The OttomanX45, ChairX36, ChairX45, Coffee Table X36, Coffee Table X45, End Table X36, End Table X45, Stool X30, Sideboard Table X60, Sideboard Table X70, Sideboard Table X90, plus the most popular item of them all are the XQuare Benches.

The Popular XQuare Benches

The GloDea® XQuare Benches come in four different styles; the French Bench X90, the BenchX60, the BenchX70, and the Bench X90.  The XQuare Benches ships 98% already assembled (with Allen wrenches included). You do not need to be an engineer to assemble the XQuare Benches, unlike some globally known brands that are quite pricey and can be very challenging to put together. These companies often require you to have your own set of tools and have multiple pieces labeled A through Z that are needed in the assembly process. Their instructions can be pages thick and can become very confusing. After you have spent hours assembling your brand-new piece of furniture, the outcome results are very different than what the advertisement looks like, and a short time later you end up posting it online. You will not find this problem with the XQuare Benches. They are so easy to assemble even a child can do it in less than 10 minutes.

After assembling the production dimensions are as follows:

The French Bench dimensions are: L 60 X W 20.5 X H 20 inches
The Bench X60 dimensions are: L 54 X W15 X H 17 inches
The Bench X70 dimensions are: L 72 X W 18 X H 17 inches
The Bench X90 dimensions are: L 54 X W 20 X H 17 inches

The XQuare Bench Design

The four different XQuare Benches are all backless styled and are each unique in their own innovative design. The XQuare Benches include a touch of modern stylish elegance with all the quality built in by the GloDea® master craftsmen. 

The XQuare Benches are very strong and durable and are designed to last a long time. The stability and sturdiness are due to the triangular legs, that look like inverted pyramids. These triangular legs make the XQuare benches far stronger than any traditional four-legged styled bench. The triangular legs also give the XQuare Benches a bold and modern appearance. The founder and designer, Ignacio Santos, tested the sturdiness of his benches by parking a car on top of two Bench X70s, verifying the durability and sturdiness. Proving that multiple people can sit on these benches without the XQuare Benches collapsing. The XQuare Benches are stylish, sturdy, and make a stunning addition to any home or office decor. 
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The XQuare Benches also come in over 20 different color options. The GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection uses a weather and UV resistant satin finish, that protects your furniture from rain, humidity, and the sun. The XQuare stains vary from a natural looking tone to an eye-popping bright stain that can stand out anywhere you place it, and it is often a conversational piece. The GloDea® XQuare Furniture Collection even offers you to get creative, by mix and matching stains finishes. You can color coordinate that is consistent with your home décor, office décor, school teams, or even favorite sports teams. 

The Versatility of the XQuare Benches

The XQuare Benches are very versatile and can be used for inside or outside décor. The XQuare benches can be used anywhere in the house. You can place them up against the wall, placed at the foot of your bed, at the entryway of your home, or even in an open area inside or outside your home. They can be used as tables, seating, storage, or even just artistic appeal.  At home in the garden, on the porch or patio, these XQuare benches can be used for both commercial and residential settings. Due to the versatility of these benches, it is no wonder they are the most popular item from the XQuare Wooden Furniture Collection.