Useful Ways To Stay Fashionable Even On A Budget

It is not always necessary to break your bank to be fashionable. When it comes to women, they need to stay stylish and trendy, but it may not be straightforward to do so, especially for those single mothers. They have so many other commitments, and responsibilities on them, including medical and education of their child that staying fashionable, is often the last thing in their minds if at all, that is. 

However, things need not be that way always. If you want to be fashionable, you can even do it on a budget, and most surprisingly, also when you are in debt. All you need to do is create a proper plan, follow it and, of course, make some sacrifices!

Women love to shop. Period. They love to buy clothes, purses and other fashion accessories such as jewelry, belts, hats, and whatnot. Buying all these things need money for sure, but you can do it by staying well within your budget by following these few simple steps:

• First, find out what specific type of fashion you want to have and 
• Then, take a look at your closet and review the things that you already have.

This will prevent you from spending money unnecessarily on things that you already have or on something that you will rarely wear or not at all.

Look for the staple items

After your initial review, you should do what fashionistas and experts suggest to put your outfits together for any season to be fashionable on a budget. As long as you know the specific types of pieces to pick, being in fashion need not mean racking up expenses. Take a cue from websites like to understand when and where to get these pieces. Once you do that, follow these two essential steps.

Look for the staples first when you want to build your wardrobe. There must be enough basics to go with different varieties of outfits. Stapes should include:

• Neutral clothes
• Easy to pair clothes
• Clothes with no complicated patterns

It must also include plain T-shirts in white, black and beige with simple necklines, a form-fitting pair of blue jeans, simple flat shoes, a pair of black pants, and a decent blazer or jacket.

Clothes for identity, work, and play

One most common tip and trick to keep both your wallet and closet happy is to know about your fashion identify and match your clothes accordingly for your work, play, and other purposes. 

While finding your fashion identity will surely help you to stay within your budget, differentiating your clothes for work and play will help you to stay fashionable, on budget.

• You will need to be more strategic so that you do not spend money on an item that is way beyond your comfort zone or current fashion. This will wear your wallet easily

• You must ask yourself where exactly you can wear a piece that you wish to buy. If it has only a one-off situational wearing, leave it in the store and save your money. 

Therefore, have a very clear mindset and make sure that you do not shop emotionally but economically. This will make every money spent a worthy investment. Remember, most people who are confident to run to the register to pay and feel happy looking at the items they purchased are soon found to experience the buyer’s remorse. Therefore, be rational and do not follow the adrenaline rush in the store.

Things to avoid

As said earlier, you will need to make a little bit of sacrifice to be fashionable on a budget. Though it is good to wear a Gucci piece, it will cost you much more than you can afford. Therefore, there are a few things that you should specifically avoid, such as:

• Avoid logos: Rest assured, you will get a lot of trendy items to wear manufactured by others for cheap and look equally good on you.

• Avoid embellishments: Not because it will add to the price but also for the fact that these will gout of fashion very soon and make your outfit look cheap. It will also look dowdy when it falls off due to improper washing process. 

• Avoid trends: Since trends will fade away soon, you will be better off when you focus on classic items that will never go out of style.

Mix these classic items with chic fashion accessories that look pricey to enhance the appeal and value of the outfit. Focusing on fashion accessories is a great idea because it can change the whole outlook. Therefore, spend a part of your clothing budget on it.

Be creative when you shop

Right from the pace you shop from to your styling ideas, you must be creative as much as possible. 

• When you shop, instead of visiting those extravagant stores in a mall, look for cheap and thrift stores. You can even lookup for trendy pieces in different online stores as well. For instance, coord set for women and oversized blazers are quite popular these days and there are multiple online stores which provide a variety of options. 
As those charity shops somewhere in your locality or nearby.

• When it comes to styling ideas for women, the sky seems to be the limit. Therefore, do not be afraid to break the rules. More often than not, breaking the rules will work in your favor. 

Style ideas like adding hair clips will add personality to the outfit or even wearing boots instead of sandals or shoes for that matter. You will get a lot of such styling ideas when you follow people with a similar budget like yours on Instagram.

Shop offseason

Lastly, make it a point to shop off-season to save on a large amount of money. During the season, you will get a piece for a price that is almost half of it when it is sold in peak seasons. This is a vital strategy to shop your clothes on a budget.

Therefore, do not out your fall wardrobe together at the start of fall or buy in May for your summer purchases. These will often cause regrets at a later stage. 

Finally, dress clean and be confident with what you wear to be fashionable. 

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