{virtual cooking class} Slow Cooker Game Day Recipes w/ Chef George Duran

On Tuesday, January 31st, hosted a Virtual Cooking Class with Chef George Duran (@GeorgeDuranEats), and sponsored by ConAgra Foods.

Chef George talked about simple game-day recipes that can be made in the slow cooker. The slow cooker was unanimously a favorite for preparing meals for although the process “slow”, it saves tons of time in food preparation. I think many of the guests and featured guests like myself, often prepare meals in the slow cooker overnight. So the next day, viola! A fantastic and delicious home cooked meal that took hours to cook, is ready to be devoured.

One of the main topics brought up was my question about using fresher ingredients in a slow cooker. Knowing that ConAgra Foods was the company sponsoring the event, I knew that their line of foods isn’t exactly what real food advocates would endorse.  (I don’t see myself, by any means as an expert in this topic.) But I believe, that in some cases, instead of running away, why not have the conversation and open up the idea instead of always preaching to the choir?

I wasn’t trying to get controversial or preach on the platform, and I NEVER talk down to those just trying to find and share ideas to feed their families while on a budget. Who isn’t? I simply wanted to inject fresh food ideas and tips on a platform that I knew would be mainly talking about canned foods. And don’t get me wrong, I probably have Hunt’s canned tomatoes in my pantry right now (I wish companies would make them in bottles or take out the BPA). But my point was to simply get people thinking and wanting to try fresher foods.

In my quest to help any and all families explore how to make Great Everyday Meals, I am trying to be realistic that most families cannot afford to buy all their groceries organically. I sure can’t! And in our society, many of us are simply used to eating out of a can, or out of a box. I certainly don’t endorse that.

But, what makes me happy is that my topic about cooking with fresh greens in the slow cooker became a hot topic! People started to share slow cooker recipes using fresh kale, spinach, and more. That, is why I like being part of events like this.

To read the full conversation and watch clips of the class with Chef George Duran, click on this link —–>

Thanks George and ConAgra Foods!

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