What is Nitro Beer? Nitro Beers, Explained

Just like the name suggests, nitro beer has more nitrogen as compared to carbon dioxide. Traditional beer has carbon dioxide used in the brewing process. Unlike traditional beer, nitro beers have thicker bubbles created by nitrogen, and these last longer. With these nitrogen generators, nitro beers are smoother and offer one a mouthful of a velvety and smoother textured beer.

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Modern Nitro Beers

Modern nitro beers offer several advantages. The most beneficial is that they have a unique malt flavor. Once the nitrogen is added, one feels the creaminess of the beer and this makes it a unique choice for beer lovers. Another advantage of nitro beers is that they have a longer shelf life. This is because, with liquid nitrogen, a beer can last longer than a traditional brew. With the potential shortage of carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen becomes a better, creamier, tastier alternative that will last longer than the typical watered down beer that many are used to.

Nitrogenating beers

Pouring nitrogen-infused beer is a skill that is different from your normal brews. You should pour it into a glass and reach 75% of the glass after which you can watch its cascade effect. With all the milky effects, you can watch the cascade effect that makes the beer smooth for consumption. How you nitrogenate your beer depends on the volume. You can easily add nitrogen to the beer from gas cylinders or use a nitrogen generator. If you are a small producer, you can use a nitrogen tank to infuse the gas into the beer.

To serve nitro beer from a tank or a keg, use a dedicated faucet for this purpose. The restrictor plate is available just before the faucet to allow the breakout of nitrogen bubbles. This helps form a substantial head and creamy texture.

Canned Nitro Beer

It is now possible to can nitro beer. Guinness was the first company to spearhead the canning of nitro beer through a widget that dispenses nitrogen into cans. As of now, many breweries can sell nitro beer due to the ease of the process. The fact that many people are aware of and love the taste and the pouring of this type of beer into their glasses means that nitro beer is now common and loved.

Is it safe to drink nitro beer?

This is a common question that people ask. The fact that the air we breathe contains 78% nitrogen means that the use of nitrogen in beer does not make it unsafe for human consumption. We could conclude that nitrogen beer is safer than regular beer. Nitrogen gas does not dissolve in the beer easily. This means that when a can of nitro beer is opened, most of the gas escapes. As such, you won’t consume much of this gas and therefore there is no need to worry about the issue. Co2 is known to be acidic and therefore easily harm’s your gut and teeth. When it comes to alcohol content, nitro beers are more or less the same in this regard. Some nitro beers have as much as 7% ABV as compared to the 4% to 5% of regular beers.

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