What is the hype about KidSnips?

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Two moms, frustrated by the lack of places to get a quality haircut for their children, decided to do something about it and started KidSnips in 1997. Today, even after growing to eight stores across Chicagoland, they still own and operate KidSnips. They’re in the salons every day making sure you and your children get the best possible service and have a great time, too! Their goal was to build a high quality, fun hair salon that welcomed children and their families in a friendly environment. “We wanted to make going for a haircut a fun outing for the family. In "regular" salons kids are often made to feel unwanted and can't play or touch anything. At KidSnips they can play, watch cartoons or play video games, sit in kid-friendly car shaped cutting chairs, and feel comfortable while getting styled!”, explains Jill Gordon, the co-owner of KidSnips.

Ah! That makes sense now…no wonder the children (and their parents, of course) love it here. KidSnips is a place where kids can be kids. “There are many hair salons for children now, but what sets us apart is that we have stylists that understand and enjoy working with kids - most of the time the children look forward to coming here”, shares Kim Stolze, the co-owner of KidSnips. She continues, “…and for the kids who are not haircut fans, we try to win their hearts.  There are a few who still don't enjoy the process, we understand, and can work with the family for the best possible experience possible”. Sure thing! Some of their clients are almost 18 years old and have visited KidSnips from their first “snips” to their graduation cut/style – phew!

One of the most memorable feedback that the KidSnips owners can recollect is when “…a parent came up to me crying that she was so relieved to find a place where her autistic child felt comfortable. No one stared and no one "judged her". We do a lot of special needs clients and are proud of that fact”, smiles Jill. This place does sound cool and is definitely worth a visit, I’d say! Happy little clients, content parents, pleased teenage customers and employees as old as 19 years who still come to work with a smile, every morning, go to tell a very mollifying tale about KidSnips.

KidSnips generously donates to charities such as Autism Speaks, Wigs for Kids and the like, annually, to consider all children within their reach. What a wonderful thought! No wonder it is listed as one of the top kid-friendly salons in Chicagoland on various websites. A place where your children are priority, is one for your must-visit lists. 

Be sure to sign up for the monthly specials from KidSnips and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And lastly, don’t forget to take a print out of this discount coupon of this “New client offer” to redeem $3 off your services at KidSnips. Enjoy your visit to KidSnips!

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