What Makes Your Kitchen YOUR Kitchen

A true chef’s kitchen is more than just a kitchen. It is at once a canvas, a battle station, a military operating center, a muse, and a place where magic is constructed. If you’re not happy with pretentious labels like this, a kitchen is simply your place to celebrate food, and learn new things each day. The first time a foodie finally owns their own beautiful home kitchen, it’s not uncommon for them to smile from ear to ear, no matter how humble the space is.

But what makes your kitchen YOUR kitchen as an excellent home chef? Might it be that you deserve to tailor this space a little in the pursuit of your own personal culinary perfection? We’d suggest that is absolutely the case. You deserve to feel connected to your kitchen, because not only will this help you craft better meals, but will help you continually fall in love with the act of cooking each and every day.

Here are some excellent tips to help you tailor this space:

Invest In Personal Items

A great kitchen is not a manner of cost unless you hope to own many different utilities. Mostly, you can cope with an oven, a knife, chopping boards and pans. However, sometimes investing in your own personal luxuries can help you fall in love with cooking that little more, even if you save up for them over a matter of months. It might be your purchase your own whites for your personal experimentation, you purchase an excellent kitchen knife made from folded steel as is the method for creating katanas (yes, these do exist and they’re excellent.)

Implements like this (especially the knife,) can last for years, and over that period will become imbued with your personal character. Before long you might feel as though you can only cook with the nuanced weighted handle of your own personal blade or many other implements that mean something to you. A craftsman is nothing without their tools. Consider donating your old or unwanted kitchen items to an upcycling service such as Habitat for Humanity  and pass on the beauty of cookery to someone new.

Consider Your Working Space & Flow

Every chef needs their own station, their own working flow. This means you might organize the installation of your kitchen in a certain way, implement the storage of your tools a certain manner, or allow for a space to hold your recipes from your tablet or in a scrambled old journal you’ve had for decades. Working space and flow is not something you can really emphasize, but something you feel. Never be afraid of making adjustments if needed, moving things around, and considering where the reachable and less reachable elements of your kitchen should be stored. Whatever helps you cook with a flow (as if in dance,) should help you keep cooking with glee.


The best part about having a home kitchen is you can experiment and never be afraid of a head chef jumping around the corner and questioning what you’re doing. Be free to stay as safe or as wacky as you hope to be, almost like a scientist in a lab. To do this will help you unlock flavors, experiment with cuisines from across the world, and try new items. To do so will help your kitchen become infused with the spices of your own curiosity, and that helps your space feel free, limitless and only ever bound by your imagination.

With these tips, you are sure to enjoy your kitchen as your kitchen, and nothing else.

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