Why It's Time To Plant A Tree (Or Two)

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There’s a lot to be said for trees - pick out any beautiful natural landscape in the world and there will be at least one or two lines of wooded area in there. They are a key part of our environment, but they are also something that many of us come to think of as being… out there. A decent percentage of us would have to get in our car to go and see a place with trees in it. And many of us would never have imagined ourselves being in a position to add to the world’s arboreal population.

That may be something that you could look into changing. If you have any amount of land attached to your home at all, adding a tree could be something that makes a big splash. It has benefits for our environment, including the living creatures that populate it - but it also has more than a few benefits for you, as you’ll see below.

Trees produce air for us to breathe

We know academically that trees are beneficial for the removal of CO2 and other harmful compounds and the production of oxygen. What few of us realize is how much impact just one tree can make. In a single year, a single tree can remove ten pounds of polluted air and produce 260 pounds of oxygen; that’s an extra nine days’ worth for one person, which makes a huge difference to your general health.

Trees protect soil and prevent flooding

If you are someone who gardens for leisure or for food - and if you’re considering a tree, you probably are in that group - then you’re going to benefit from good, healthy and plentiful soil. A healthy tree, maintained by expert tree services, will absorb huge amounts of excess water and prevent flooding during rainy months. It will also nourish the soil in which your plants and vegetables grow and generally protect your home from the elements.

Trees have proven benefits for physical and mental health

It’s hard to pinpoint what it is, but there is something about tree cover that makes people feel better (it might be the extra oxygen, of course). Hospitals that have trees visible through their window present better recovery rates than those without. Built-up areas with more tree cover have less violent crime than those without. Adding trees equates to more happiness and health, which makes it a bit of a no-brainer, surely?

Trees bring visitors to your garden

A garden with a bit of life to it is a joy. Planting fruit and veg to be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet is one thing. To make a garden really feel alive, though, there is nothing to beat a stream of little visitors: birds, bees and little animals such as gophers and squirrels will welcome a tree for multiple reasons - and they’ll help with pest control and other issues while there. Plant a tree in your garden and you’ll quickly feel like you’re in a Disney film, but without the need to break into song (unless you really want to).

Photo by Subham Majumder from Pexels

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