Why You Don’t Enjoy Cooking, And How You Can

If you know, then you know, and if you don’t, then you don’t. This sentiment applies to many different aspects of life, including cooking. The world is divided into three camps when it comes to this matter. There are the people who hate cooking and simply don’t do it. There are the people who dislike cooking yet do it because they have no choice. And then there are the people who enjoy the process. No matter where you currently are on the spectrum, it’s never too late to become a fan! Below, we take a look at why you might not like it and offer some advice on how you can become a convert. 


You’ve Been Told It’s a Chore

Of course you’re going to dislike something if you’ve grown up being told that it’s something that isn’t enjoyable. The trick is to overcome that brainwashing! Studies have shown that people who grew up in an environment where cooking was celebrated have a much healthier relationship with food when they’re older than those who didn’t. If you hate cooking, try to disassociate yourself from what you were told when you were younger -- there are different ways of looking at everything. 

Your Kitchen Is Uninspiring

The kitchen and the tools contained within play a big role in our relationship with cooking. If your kitchen is too small, too dingy, too depressing, then you’ll be unlikely to spend too many hours in there. So the first step towards becoming a master chef is to take care of your cooking area. A few simple upgrades, such as granite countertops and a modern stove, can make a big difference. As well as the kitchen’s infrastructure, take a look at the decor. You’re aiming for a calm and atmospheric space that’s enjoyable to be in. 

You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

You’ll find it challenging to enjoy cooking if you more or less have no idea what you’re doing. It takes time to get used to the kitchen tools, ingredients, the entire meal prep process. Do it once, and you’ll only get annoyed, because everything will take longer than it should. Commit to riding through those annoying experiences, and you’ll be fine. Also, it’s best to start with the easy-to-make, quick and healthy meals. They’ll be straightforward and can get you used to being in the kitchen, handling ingredients, and so on. 

It’s Not Fun

It’s not the act itself; it’s our attitude towards it. Go into the kitchen with a resentful attitude, and you’ll be torturing yourself the entire time that you’re there. On the other hand, if you go in with a mindset of ‘this is going to be fun,’ then you’ll find that it’s, well, fun. Open a glass of wine, get some uplifting music playing through the speakers, and get into the groove. 

Take the tips above, and you’ll have begun your cooking journey -- and once you get going, you’ll find that you just keep on progressing, making more complicated and more delicious foods in the process. 

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