Why You Should Prioritize Retirement Savings over College Savings by @_MarkTan_

Young families with an eye to the future are faced with a daunting choice – to save earnestly for a secure retirement or to save for their children’s education. Can you do both? Certainly it is possible; however, with the cost of a college education and retirement (thanks to health care costs) rising faster than the rate of inflation, just targeting one of those goals with savings is no sure thing. And, with the increasing number of people reaching the retirement threshold unprepared and underfunded, financial planners today strongly advise their clients to focus on their retirement savings first. After all, a secure retirement rests squarely on your shoulders; while there are other funding sources that can contribute to your child’s education.

There are actually several good reasons why you shouldn’t save directly for college savings, instead, packing your retirement accounts as full as you can get them.

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