Wine and Mexican Food?

Wine and Mexican Food?!

When you're thinking about what you to drink while you're eating chips and salsa, a lot of people's go to choice is usually beer or a margarita.  This is because most of us assume that these are our only options, but did you know that wine can also be a great pairing with this classic combo as well?  Probably not.  The general rule of thumb, or rule of spice in this case, is the spicier something tastes, the sweeter and cooler your drink should be.  In our quest for the best pairings, the one that stood out to us here at El Sol the most, was a glass of rosé.

In our opinion rosé seems to work the best because of its crisp refreshing qualities and fruit flavors that help give a yin to the salsas yang.  Rosé’s robust flavor and tannic structure is created by winemakers who prevent red grapes from having direct contact with the other grape skins, which gives the wine a redeeming quality much more unique from any other.  The taste of spice, or heat, comes from the chemical compound capsicum, which causes our perception of flavor to be diminished.  So looking to bold unadulterated flavors is more important than seeking out higher priced wines, and if your wine's flavor isn't strong enough, you will barely be able to taste it anyways!

Here are some other popular pairings that people online seem to enjoy:

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