Work Now, Play Later: Prepping Your Garden For Spring Fun

We might soon be heading into the depths of winter, but don’t forget: it’s always a good idea to have one eye on what’s six months ahead. If you don’t, by the time it comes around you’ll have nothing to hold on to. One area of the home that especially applies to is the garden: if you don’t put any effort into getting it into tip-top shape over the next couple of months, by the time spring arrives you’ll still have all your work to do. And when it comes to the garden, that means no evening BBQs, no long days soaking up the season’s rays. Below, we take a look at some easy to do tips that’ll get your outdoor space ready for some warm weather fun. Let’s go!

Make a Plan

Everyone’s garden is different. For one thing, they’re literally different: as in, they vary in shapes and sizes, and what is suitable for one outdoor space might not be suitable for another. They’re also different because they need to be curated to the individual’s needs and wishes. So ask yourself, what is it you want to get out of your garden? It might be having a space that looks beautiful, a relaxing space, a playground for the children, or a combination of all these things. 

Read up on Gardening

You’ve got many a cold, dark night up ahead. Don’t waste your winter watching Netflix: get to reading. And specifically, reading about all the different types of flowers you can have in your garden, and what you need to have in your garden for them to prosper. There are some pretty amazing online courses you can take, which will ensure your outdoor space will be full of color and life later on down the line. 

Looking after the Tools

This section assumes you already have tools. If you haven’t, then make sure you’re stocking your garden shed with all the essentials. If you do have tools, then you’ll need to ensure they’re kept in tip-top condition now (actually, it would have been better to do this after the end of summer; but the second best time is now!). If you don’t, they’re liable to rust or otherwise just not work as well; and this will only make your job all the more difficult. 


Getting BBQ Ready

Now, it’s all good and well having a beautiful garden, but let’s be honest: it’s not going to overloaded with fun if all you can is view it from your home. If you’re serious about making your garden a fun spring hangout spot, then you simply need to invest in a solid BBQ system, and all the adjoining pieces: the patio, the tables, the chairs. You should be able to find good deals now and in the near future, as people don’t think that far ahead and it’s currently “low season” for these types of supplies. 

Bring the Extra Fun

There are no rules as to what you can and cannot have in your garden. If something sounds like fun, then you should go ahead and add it, especially if you know you’ll get a lot of use of it over the warm months. Look at adding the infrastructure for an outdoor cinema, or adding the ultimate badge of garden luxury: a hot tub. Intex hot tubs are inflatable and can seat up to six people; the ideal size for social gatherings in spring. When it’s not in use, you can deflate it and store it away, giving full view back to your garden. 

For the Kids

If you have little ones, you’re going to need to think about how they’ll use the space. They’re going to be running around the garden anyway, so you may as well think about the best way for them to enjoy it! If you have a large enough space, then you can add a swing set or other playpen type area. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, then you can look into the idea of making a treehouse. It’s more or less every child’s dream to have their own hideaway spot in the trees. Give it to them, and they’ll be creating memories for years to come.


Adding Decoration

Even with all your colorful flowers and other features, it’s always a good idea to mix up the sea of color with a few other decorations. Gnomes, once thought of as outdated, are making something of a comeback, and now you can buy a range of funky little men and women to brighten up your garden. A small water feature will do wonders for the look and feel of your space, too; especially when you have plenty of visiting wildlife coming round. 

Going Green 

If you’re just getting started with reorganising your garden, then keep in mind the potential to make it a thoroughly “green” garden. It’s never been easier to do things like collect rainwater and grow your own vegetables. The latter, in particular, is heartily recommended. The benefits are plentiful: you’ll have fun seeing your veg beginning to grow, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, and - most importantly - you’ll be able to eat the fruits (well, veg) of your labors. You’ll soon discover that homegrown vegetables are much tastier and nutritious than their store-bought counterparts, which have usually travelled great distances - and lost a lot of their flavor and nutrients in the process.

Don’t Forget The Details

Not everything in your garden will need to be updated, but it’s worth looking if there are small jobs that might make a difference. For example, fences and sheds can look dated and worn after a few years, so it might be worth digging out a paintbrush and giving them another lick of paint. Once you’ve added all the additions, you’ll have a garden that looks brand new all around. 

Final Thoughts

As we’ve shown, there’s a process of creating a great garden, and it’s not an overly complicated one. Get to thinking now, and come March you’ll be rushing to enjoy the nice weather in your own garden. See this helpful guide from Groom&Style to find some nice ideas and advice for your garden.

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