Your Home Versus The Elements ( Make Sure Your Home Wins!)

Our homes cocoon us and provide protection from the outside elements, so many of which aren't just uncomfortable to experience but can be downright dangerous as well! Of course, to give your home the best chance of dealing with whatever the elements throw it, you do need to know what to do when the elements strike. Something you can read all about in my post below. 


There are really only two situations in which fire can threaten your home. The first being when a blaze starts inside, the second when fire catches your property alight from the outside. Something that can occur when there is a forest fire, or another building adjoining your property is burning. 

Happily, there are things that you can do to minimize the danger and the damage that fire poses to your home. Although, just like in any emergency situation, the most important thing is to ensure that everyone inside the house can leave safely

One way to minimize the opportunity for fire to spread to your home is to ensure that all plants and trees are well-trimmed to create a fire break. In fact, they need to be at least three times wider than the height of the surface vegetation around the base of your home. Then if there is a forest or field fire, it won't be able to jump the gap. 

Additionally using you have the correct alarms, and even fire extinguishers through your home can make a massive difference if such an incident occurs. 


Whether caused by heavy rain or a nearby river that's bursts its banks, flooding is a real threat to many homes. Of course, there are some tactics you can use to minimize any water damage to your home and property. These include placing sandbags at the entrances as this will stop at least some of the water coming in. 

Sadly, even when using this strategy, many homes suffer damage after a flood. Of course, when this happens, it's crucial that they are thoroughly dried out, and water damage restoration is completed as soon as possible. After all, leaving things damp only encourages rot and the growth of mold, which means additional damage to your property, could occur. 


Hurricanes and tornadoes are no joke, especially for the poor people that are stuck waiting them out in their bathtubs and basements! Homes are often damaged in such weather as well, although many people forget that there are things that can be done to help minimize this. 

In particular, it is always wise to board up any doors and windows on your main property. Something that can prevent expensive and dangerous glass from shattering in the wind. Additionally, keeping your roof in good condition can prevent tiles coming loose and being flung elsewhere in less powerful winds as well. Something that provides you home with the best chance of surviving the worst of the storm and being triumphant, if a little bruised after its battle with the elements. 

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